Wisdom Tooth Extraction Price Philippines

Wisdom tooth extraction price philippines – Dentistry has always been one of the most feared procedures for every person, however, dental health sometimes has been looked down upon by many people, as well as medical experts, even though it is also as important as many other aspects.

In this article, we are going to guide you on the wisdom tooth removal price in many different parts of the Philippines, as well as its standard cost. 

Why Do You Need A Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Removing wisdom teeth, as well as the impacted wisdom tooth removal in cost Philippines seems too costly to do, and sometimes can be ignored.

However, the importance of having a wisdom tooth couldn’t be ignored. The pain and the complicated treatment for ignoring the wisdom tooth removal process could be more complicated, and in the end, it will cost more compared with tooth extraction costs in the Philippines.

Price Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction For Adults 

As we have covered above how much wisdom tooth removal in the Philippines will be around 8,000 Php, but the price might get higher, depending on where you live, or whether you have coverage on wisdom tooth removal on your Philhealth, or independent healthcare insurance provider.

Keep note, that due to the current condition of the healthcare, a doctor or clinic might also increase its service. 

To make sure you understand more about tooth removal costs in the Philippines as well as many additional costs of wisdom tooth removal, here are some explanations, as well as the difference in the tooth removal procedure. 

1.Simple Wisdom Tooth

For simple wisdom tooth removal, the price range may vary, but the initial cost is around 5,000 Php, however, you need to keep note, that if the wisdom tooth is already surfacing, then it would be easier to remove, and the price would get down.

The cost may start around 2,000 Php, and it depends on how the dentists would work on that. 

2.Impacted Wisdom Tooth

The Impacted wisdom tooth, however, requires a more lengthy, and complicated procedure such as with the molar tooth extraction price Philippines and other types of dental surgery.

This is due, that the impacted wisdom tooth requires the procedure of opening, and closing of gum, so in this case, the wisdom tooth removal would require a higher cost, which can go up to 8,000 Php. 

Additional Cost Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

The additional cost of wisdom tooth extraction comes from the use of anesthesia on the impacted tooth removal, Clinics may also charge for additional costs such as Anesthesia, gloves, protective gear, and many more. 

On average, the cost of wisdom tooth extraction in the Philippines ranges from PHP 5,000 to PHP 15,000. However, the exact cost can only be determined after a consultation with a dentis

Anesthesia Price For Surgery 

The price of removing wisdom teeth also varied depending on the surgeries, as well as the anesthesia that it would involve.

The number of injections it takes for the procedure can be used to predict the total price of a wisdom tooth removal procedure. 

Types of Anesthesia Price
Local anesthesia for wisdom tooth extractionPHP 2,000 to PHP 5,000
General anesthesiPHP 5,000 to PHP 20,000 or more

Cost Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction For Kids

Children would have smaller jaw bones, and this would probably be the best, and easiest way that the wisdom tooth could be removed.

On average, the cost of wisdom tooth extraction for kids in the Philippines ranges from PHP 5,000 to PHP 15,000.

Free Wisdom Teeth Removal Philippines

For free wisdom teeth removal in the Philippines, you could try to get coverage from Philhealth, as well as health care, and depending on your personal health care insurance, it might as well cover you on how much to remove wisdom teeth. 

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