Heart Transplant Cost Philippines

Are you curious about heart transplant cost Philippines?

This article a glimpse into this intriguing topic.

The price of a heart transplant in the Philippines can vary depending on various factors.

However, it is important to note that the cost of this life-saving procedure typically includes preoperative tests, hospital fees, surgeon fees, postoperative care, and immunosuppressive medications.

Moreover, we’ll explore the average heart transplant life expectancy, whether heart surgery is covered by Philhealth, potential complications, and the expected recovery time.

Join us as we unravel the fascinating world of heart transplant costs in the Philippines.

Average Heart Transplant Life Expectancy

you may want to know about heart transplant cost Philippines.

But before checking for the latest price, it is crucial to know the life expectancy of someone who receives a heart transplant.

With advancements in technology and medicine, survival rates of heart transplants have improved.

Recent studies showed that the average heart transplant life expectancy is up to 9.16 years.

You may also want to know the survival rate of heart transplants and also heart transplant costs. Heart transplant patients’ survival rates are:

1 year75%
5 years64%
10 years53%
15 years40%
20 years26%

The first year after the heart transplant surgery, no matter how much the heart transplant price Philippines is, will be considered crucial in increasing the survival rate.

The survival rates are depending on complications after the surgery, such as age, lifestyle, medical issues, and activity level.

How Much Does A Heart Transplant Cost

Now, it is time to check the latest heart transplant cost Philippines. The cost of a heart transplant can vary, depending on where you get the procedure and based on your individual case.

Below are some details about the cost of a heart transplant and some other heart procedures. 

Heart ProceduresHeart Transplant Philippine Price
Heart transplantRange from ₱7,262,385 to ₱8,379,675
Coronary artery bypass graftBetween ₱700,000 and ₱1,000,000
Valve replacementStarts from ₱1,013,382
Pacemaker surgeryBetween ₱101,224 and ₱210,152
Congenital, closed heart surgeryRange from ₱170,888 to ₱366,824
Congenital, open-heart surgeryFrom ₱368,000 to ₱690,000
Aneurism surgeryBetween ₱395,000 and ₱562,000
Peripheral bypass surgeryRange from ₱266,000 to ₱520,000

After checking the latest price heart transplant, you can start making some preparation such as choosing the primary support person.

Choose someone close to you and make sure that he/she has the flexibility, health, and time to be your primary caregiver.

Some Filipinos who need a heart transplant for a cost that is reasonable enough want to know whether PhilHealth is covering heart surgery and heart transplant procedures.

Is Heart Surgery Covered By PhilHealth?

PhilHealth is the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation that has been helping Filipinos get proper medical treatment since 1995.

This insurance company is now providing a special package called the PhilHealth Z-Benefit package.

Does this package cover heart transplant cost Philippines?

The package is now covering TOF (Tetralogy of Fallot), VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect), and CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft since August 28, 2019.

How much this Z-Benefit package will pay for the three health treatments mentioned above and for the heart transplant cost in the Philippines?

Types of TreatmentCoverage for Philippine heart center heart transplant cost

If the heart transplant surgery cost is more than the cover price above, the transplant patient should pay the rest of the total price.

Complications Of Heart Transplant Surgery

Knowing the heart transplant cost Philippines isn’t enough.

You also need to know about some potential risks caused by heart transplants.

Some risks include infection, breathing problems, kidney failure, donor heart failure, and also blood clots that may cause lung problems, stroke, or heart attack.

Heart Transplant Surgery Recovery Time

‘How much does a heart transplant cost in the Philippines’ and ‘How long will it take to recover from a heart transplant’ are the two most famous questions related to this procedure.

Generally, it takes 3 to 6 months for patients to recover fully from the heart transplant surgery.

However, previous medical problems and the patient’s age may affect the recovery period.

You need to prepare the heart transplant surgery cost Philippines and also the cost you may have to spend to recover from the procedure.

After checking the latest heart transplant cost Philippines, you need to check some other details, especially about the complications and recovery time.

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