MRI Price Philippines (Per Body Part)

MRI Price Philippines (Per Body Part) – Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a type of radiological examination that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to display detailed images of organs and tissues in the body.

MRI results can be used to assist doctors in diagnosing disease and monitoring the treatment process.

We can say that the cost of an MRI scan is quite expensive, there are several factors that affect the price. So, how much are MRIs cost in Philippines? See below!

How Much MRI Cost Per Body Part?

MRI scan price Philippines is calculated based on each part of the body. The more crucial a particular body part that requires scanning, the more expensive it is.

The prices in the following list are estimates of the cost of an MRI per body part in diagnostic centers and most hospitals.

Body PartPrice
Lumbar Spine₱6,000
Eyes, Orbits₱7,000
Internal Auditory Canal₱7,000
Brain₱7,000 – ₱10,000
Abdominal₱8,000 – ₱12,000
Cervical Spine₱8,000
Head or Cranial₱8,000
Angiogram MRI₱9,000

Factors That Affect The Price Of MRI In The Philippines

MRI price in PHilipines is calculated based on several factors. So, patients need to know why some MRIs are cheap and some are more expensive. These factors are:

  • Body part; which part needs an MRI scan
  • Hospital; whether diagnostic center, government, or private hospital
  • Features; wether contranst or plain

Comparison Of MRI Prices At Different Medical Facilities In The Philippines

One of the factors that affect the price of MRI in the Philippines is where you get the MRI scan.

There are several places that can do an MRI scan, such as private hospitals, government hospitals, or diagnostic centers.

For this reason, it is important for you to compare MRI prices at various medical facilities in the Philippines. You can list the prices of several hospitals or diagnostic centers.

By having a price comparison list, you can see which health facility has the cheapest price. The cheapest MRI is currently estimated at around ₱2,000, while the most expensive at around ₱20,000.

But, usually MRI Price in Government Hospitals is cheaper than private hospitals, but the queues will be longer and the number of patients will also be higher.

Can You Negotiate The Price Of An MRI?

To get a lower price, you can take advantage of the following to reduce the price of MRI, such as:

  • Use promo packages.
  • If the person being examined is still a child or baby, please ask for a fee reduction.
  • Get discounted prices for senior citizens up to 20%.
  • Ask the hospital whether you can use Philhealth or not.
  • Use the HMO Card.
  • Choose a hospital that can accept credit card payments.

List of Hospitals With MRI Service

To make it easier for you to find out which hospitals provide MRI services, here we have listed hospitals in each city.

CityHospitalPrice Ranges
CebuCebu Doctors University Hospital (Cebudoc)₱6,000 and up
CebuChong Hua Hospital₱5,000 and up
DavaoDavao Regional Medical Center₱7,700 – ₱15,000
LagunaCalamba Medical Center₱6,000 and up
Las PinasPerpetual Help Medical Center₱5,000 – ₱10,000
ManilaChinese General Hospital₱5,000 and up
ManilaJose Reyes Memorial Hospital₱2,230 – ₱16,520
ManilaManila Doctors Medical Center₱4,000 and up
San Jose del MonteQualimed₱6,000 and up
MarikinaMarikina Valley Medical Center₱6,000 and up
Quezon CityCapitol Medical Center₱6,000 and up
Quezon CityDe Los Santos Medical Center₱6,000 and up
Quezon CityFEU Hospital NRMF₱7,000 and up
Quezon CityIscan Diagnostics₱6,000 and up
Quezon CityNovagen Hospital₱6,000 and up
Quezon CitySt. Lukes Medical Center₱5,000 and up
San JuanCardinal Santos Medical Center₱5,500 and up

Based on the list of hospitals above, cheapest MRI in Manila is around ₱2,000. But, please note that the prices stated above are approximate prices.

To find out more details about the price of an MRI scan, you can directly contact the nearest medical facility that provides MRI services. Also include which part of the body the MRI scan will be done.

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