Newborn Screening Test Price

The newborn screening test price in the Philippines starts from ₱550. This price is applicable for the basic newborn screening package only.

The price can go high or low depans several factors.

Here more information about newborn screening in Philippines.

When Does Newborn Screening Happen

Numerous hospitals in the Philippines offer newborn screening test services to help parents know the medical conditions of their babies.

The newborn screening test price ranges widely depending on the number of medical conditions or diseases the test checks. 

Below are several things you must know about the test.

  • What is newborn screening test? It is a test done by doctors to check a baby for serious medical conditions or disorders. Philhealth covers the newborn screening test Philippines so most Filipino parents can afford it.
  • What does the newborn screening test for? Newborn screening can test for hormone problems, developmental problems, metabolic problems, hearing loss, congenital heart problems, genetic problems, and other medical problems.
  • What is a newborn screening test list? It is a list of disorders checked by the screening test. Hospitals in the Philippines generally offer a couple of screening packages for newborn babies. A particular package of newborn screening test price is more costly than others.
  • When is the screening performed? Doctors generally perform this test when babies are 1 or 2 days old. In some cases, babies need to take a second screening when they are 1 or 2 weeks old.
  • What are the benefits of newborn screening? It allows doctors to get early diagnoses of babies’ medical conditions. Therefore, doctors can provide immediate treatment and intervention to prevent disability or death.

How the Newborn Screening Test is Performed

How is newborn screening done? In general, a doctor only needs to take a few drops of the baby’s blood to check for the baby’s condition.

This sample-taking process only takes a few minutes, but parents will get the screening results in a few days to a week.

However, some newborn screening tests do not require a blood sample. Below are three newborn screening tests list that a baby must have.

1.Blood Test

A doctor who performs newborn blood screening tests will prick a baby’s heel to get a blood sample.

He will collect a few drops of blood on a small vial or special paper and send the blood sample to a lab for analysis.

Parents generally will get the test results several days after doctors take the blood sample.

This blood test is an essential procedure in metabolic newborn screening, hormone-related screening, and rare genetic screening.

2.Hearing Screening

Newborn hearing screening is a test to check for hearing loss.

During this newborn screening test procedure, a doctor uses special devices, such as tiny earphones, computers, and electrodes to check for a baby’s hearing ability.

3.Heart Screening

The purpose of doing a heart screening test is to check a baby for various heart conditions or critical congenital heart defects.

The device needed to do this screening is pulse oximetry. 

A doctor will place sensors on a baby’s skin and connect these sensors to a pulse oximeter machine.

This machine will count the amount of oxygen in the baby’s blood. This newborn screening test price is generally not included in a newborn screening test package.

What to Do with the Newborn Screening Test

There are two screening result possibilities that parents will receive. The first one is normal screening results.

Most newborn screening results are normal. Doctors will not give any medication or treatments to babies with a normal screening result.

The second one is abnormal newborn screening results.

If a baby gets an abnormal screening result, her doctor will do another test.

If the second test result is not normal, the doctor will plan the treatment to treat the baby’s condition.

Newborn Screening Test Price Philippines

How much newborn screening price is in the Philippines?

The newborn screening test price depends on the newborn screening package you take. 

Most hospitals in this country offer two newborn screening packages, i.e., basic newborn screening packages and expanded newborn screening packages.

Below are the newborn screening test price and the details of those packages.

Newborn Screening Philippines PackagePrice 
Basic Newborn Screening Package:Maple syrup urine diseaseCongenital HypothyroidismPhenylketonuriaCongenital Adrenal HyperplasiaGlucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase DeficiencyGalactosemia₱550
Expanded Newborn Screening Package:Maple Syrup Urine DiseaseCongenital HypothyroidismPhenylketonuriaCongenital Adrenal HyperplasiaGlucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase DeficiencyGalactosemiaAmino Acid DisordersCystic FibrosisUrea Cycle DisordersFatty Acid Oxidation DisordersHemoglobin DisordersOrganic Acid DisordersBiotinidase DeficiencyStarts from ₱1,750
Newborn Hearing Screening Test₱200

FAQs Newborn Screening

What if Newborn Screening Results Aren’t Normal?

Doctors will give treatments to babies with abnormal screening results. Therefore, disability or death can be prevented

What Kinds of Health Conditions Does Newborn Screening Test For?

Newborn screening test checks for metabolic problems, hormone problems, hearing loss, congenital heart problems, etc.

When are the Newborn Screening Test Results Ready?

The screening result will be ready in 5 to 7 days.

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