Oxygen Tank Refill Price Philippines

There is an important tool in medical health named the oxygen tank. This is more than an ordinary tool because it can save more lives.

Some people need oxygen from an oxygen tank. It can be refilled, and oxygen tank refill price Philippines are not that expensive nowadays.

However, some people might need an oxygen tank for a long time. Without the oxygen tank and other accessories that it follows, they may not be able to breathe properly.

So it is important to know where to get it and which type is the best based on your needs.

But, how many types of oxygen tanks are available on the market? How much is the price of refill oxygen tank and what kind of benefits that the user will get from this medical equipment?

Here is some information to help you answer those questions.

What is Oxygen Tank?

Oxigen tank or oxygen cylinder is medical equipment for a patient who is unable to breathe properly without this.

The tank will supply oxygen to the patients, so they can stay alive because the equipment helps them to inhale the oxygen in their bodies.

The tank is specially designed to help those patients. Usually, the oxygen tank is available at the hospital, ambulance, clinics, and the house where there is a person who has issues with breathing.

This tank sometimes is part of therapy for people who have short breath.

The person will breathe from the nasal cannula. It transfers the oxygen to the patient, so their respiratory function works well.

Different types of medical oxygen tank refill will affect how the patient is breathing. The capacity of each type is also different.

Types of Oxygen Tank

Types of Oxygen Tank image

1.Compressed gas system

The component of this oxygen tank is small. Usually, there is an option to refill the tank weekly.

The uses are on a daily basis. However, if you need it often, the usage might be less than a week. There is an option for a home-fill system for the tank.

The compressed gas system is one of the oxygen tanks that we can find easily on the market.

This oxygen tank refill price Philippines depends on the brand you get from the market. It is available in many hospitals but in a big tank. The oxygen content is more than 21%.

2.Liquid oxygen system

The container looks like a thermos. It is a small oxygen tank and is refillable.

The content is pure oxygen and it only consists of cold liquid.

The tank will release the oxygen after converting the liquid, so the user can breathe properly through the nasal.

The advantage of this liquid oxygen system is portable. The equipment is very practical for people who usually have breathing problems outside home.

They can bring it everywhere and some oxygen tank in this type fits in the bag. Oxygen tank refill price Philippines for this type is cheap.

3.Oxygen concentrator

The oxygen concentrator is one of the portable oxygenrefill machine, even you can bring it onto an airplane.

The device is usually electric and you can use the battery to make it ON. It doesn’t have to be refilled, so it is easier for people who need it daily.

The maximum size of this oxygen tank is only 7 feet.

The tank works by pulling the air. After that, it compresses the oxygen to create purified it so the user can breathe properly.

There are many models on the market.

With this type, you don’t have to worry to run out the oxygen anywhere.

Where to Refill Oxygen Tank

  • Medical equipment supplier

You can find many oxygen refill Manila stations. They are trusted because they usually work for the hospital which needs medical equipment. The supplier also gives the service to a single buyer.

The price is affordable if you refill in bulk.

  • Industrial gas supplier

Some industrial gas suppliers are available in the Philippines. Example, oxygen refill Makati suppliers don’t only refill oxygen for particular industries but also for medical and personal needs.

They look like a refilling station. It is cheap and fast to refill the oxygen tank.

The Benefit of Oxygen Tank

  • Portable

Oxygen tanks are mostly portable. You can bring the tank anywhere, so you can be safe whenever you need it. An example is a gas concentrator where you don’t need to refill it. The device pulls oxygen from the air, but you only have to charge the device regularly to make it work.

  • Saving lives

We can’t deny that an oxygen tank can save many lives of sick people. The equipment is basic for some patients because breathing issue is one factor that many people are dying. An oxygen tank is the first aid kit in hospitals, houses, and other public places.

  • Supplying energy

People with less energy will get some help from an oxygen tank. It gives benefits to people who are weak because of their health condition. The supply from an oxygen tank can help them to be more active to do many activities daily.

Oxygen Tank Refill Price List

The oxygen tank refill price Philippines is different depending on the supplies you are getting from. Industrial and medical supplies usually sell at different prices.

The volume of gas and liquid is also the reason why the price is different. Take a look at the oxygen tank refill Marinkina and other places price here.

The volumeThe price
50-lb₱ 370
20-lb₱ 220
15-lb₱ 180

The oxygen tank refill price Philippines is affordable from the suppliers. It is even cheaper than getting it from the hospital.

You have to adjust your needs before buying an oxygen tank that is available on the Philippines market.

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