Weighing Scale Price Philippines

The weighing scale price Philippines will depend on the purposes and the types of the scale.

Here are the price list of scales and some types you need to know.

Types of Weighing Scale

1. Digital Weighing Scales


The digital weighing scale is a device that can measure many kinds of objects, such as people, objects, and animals.

It’s very practical to use because the scale appears on the LCD screen fast. It measures accurately not only in kilograms but also grams.

The size of the digital weighing scales can be different according to the purposes.

The weighing scale for humans usually has a bigger platform for the people standing on it.

For the animals, it can be different according to the size of the animal. The weighing scale price Philippines will also be different.

2. Bathroom Weighing Scale

Bathroom Weighing Scale

The bathroom weighing scale is the one that you can use every day, from time to time.

It is square and simple, yet you don’t have to put it inside the bathroom too. This weighing scale for human price Philippines is cheap in the market too.

Sometimes, this appears as a clock-type weighing scale as well. However, more people tend to choose the weighing scale that has an LCD screen on it for more accurate results.

The clock type weighing scale, however, is more durable and doesn’t need a battery to work.

3. Mechanical Weighing Scale

Mechanical Weighing Scale 1 image

The mechanical weighing scale is one of the most affordable weighing scale price Philippines.

It is a portable weighing scale since it doesn’t need any batteries to work on.

It is inexpensive and you can deal with it easily to weigh many things, even the baby and stuff.

Usually, the scale appears as a hanging scale.

There is a hook to hang the object there and the measuring clock will point out the kilograms.

It can be one of the heavy duty weighing scale price Philippines also because it can be working as a weighing scale in the wet market.

4. Dial Type Weighing Scale

Dial Type Weighing Scale

This is the weighing scale that you may find at the fitness place and gym. It has a platform to stand on it and then the dial face is big that stands on the platform.

The person can see the result and usually, it is still in clock-type one. This weighing scale can measure up to 120 kilograms only.

5. Weighing Scale with Height & Weight

Weighing Scale with Height & Weight

This is the weighing scale that has a height measurement. For the modern type, it is no longer with a stick with inches or centimeters scale but a sensor.

The person just stands on the platform, then the measurement will appear on the screen. This device is usually seen at the hospital.

6. Baby Weighing Scale

Baby Weighing Scale

The baby weighing scale is a device to measure infants. Usually, it appears as a digital weight scale because you have to measure the weight quickly.

Another feature that usually exists in the device is the height scale. This scale is special to measure a newborn baby.

Weighing scale Price List Philippines

The weighing scale price Philippines will have different prices since the sizes and purposes are different.

Check out the list of some top brands and their prices here.

Brands and TypesPrice
Huada Iscale LCD₱ 299
Ulifeshop LCD digital₱ 88
Eurochef digital₱ 599
Xiao Mi₱ 899
Ingco₱ 1396
Bonvoisin₱ 210
Oria Portable₱ 430

Top Brands of Weighing Scales in The Philippines

1. Eurochef

This scale includes the calorie indicator, so you can weigh yourself as well as measure the calorie.

It is portable and the weighing scale price Philippines is affordable too.

2. Xiao Mi

The price of weighing scale in Philippines from Xiao Mi is also affordable.

This China top brand provides a minimalist design and also good metrics to measure the weight.


Ingco is one of the heavy duty weighing scale price Philippines that will provide the measurement on LCD screen.

However, you need to charge the scale before using it.


At the market, you will also find weighing scale price Philippines that will help you to manage the laboratory activity.

The result appears quickly and accurately. The scale is multi-purposes.

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