Menstrual Cup Price and Types in Philippines

Women need to consider using menstrual cups. They are eco-friendly and are an excellent contribution to making nature green.

Menstrual cups are reusable so you don’t throw them away after using them.

Check the latest menstrual cup price Philippines before purchasing some menstrual cups online.

Menstrual cups are not only eco-friendly, but they are also a safer option. Those cups will reduce the risk of getting any bacterial infection.

Also, you can always count on menstrual cups to minimize menstrual odor and leaks. You don’t have to buy tampons or napkins anymore every month.

What Is a Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup Philippines is a hygiene product that is eco-friendly and reusable.

The small and flexible cup has the shape of a funnel. It is made of silicone or rubber and will collect the period fluid.

Women need to place this menstrual cup into their vaginas during the period.

Many women around the world are using menstrual cups because they love the eco-friendly design of the cups.

Some of them can even wear the cup for 12 hours or depending on the period flow.

Quality menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone, thermoplastic isomer, or latex.

The vagina cup has a ring or a stem. Menstrual cups have a shape of a bell. You don’t need to replace the cup.

When it is full, remove the cup from your private area and then unload the fluid. Wash it before wearing it again.

Types of Menstrual Cup Folds

There are so many brands providing menstrual cups. They all offer various ranges of menstrual cup price Philippines.

If you want to purchase the best and safest menstrual cup, you need to know the most famous types available. This way, you’ll know which one is the best cup for you.

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Image : Types of Menstrual Cup

1.Diva Cup

Diva International is one of the biggest cup menstruation manufacturers. Its product is the Diva Cup which has transparent color.

The company creates those menstrual cups using medical-grade silicone. Those cups are longer than other types of menstrual cups.

Because of the longer size of the Diva Cups, they will fit better if the vaginal canal has a higher cervix.

The manufacturer of Diva Cup recommends all users of the cups change their cups every year. After knowing what is a diva cup, you need to know the other menstrual cup types.


The founder of this menstrual cup invented the product in 2004 in Finland. Right now, this Lunette menstrual cup is available in more than 40 countries.

The manufacturer of the Lunette menstrual cup is using medical silicone material approved by the FDA.

What makes many women love Lunette menstrual cups is the pliable design of the cup. Because of its pliable design, many women can use menstrual cups more easily.

3.The Keeper

There is a unique brand that is making menstrual cups using latex, it is the Keeper. Menstrual cups from Keeper have a darker color than the ones from other manufacturers.

Unfortunately, those Keeper menstrual cups are less flexible than other menstrual cups.

The less flexibility doesn’t only mean it has a lower menstrual cup price Philippines. But it also means the users may feel harder to place the cups.

However, the latex structure makes the menstrual cups survive for many years. Keep in mind that Keeper cups have a smaller liquid capacity.

4.Lily Cup

There are various menstrual cup sizes available. And Lily Cups are the longest ones. Those cups work well in women who have a high cervix in their vaginal canal.

The manufacturer composes those cups from medical-grade silicone, just like the cups from other brands.

Most women love Lily Cups because of the cups’ angled design. The design of the cups is similar to the cervix and vaginal curvature.

If you are looking for menstrual cup folds, then Lily Cup Compact is what you need. It is the only collapsible menstrual cup available today.

The collapsible design allows the wearers to tuck away the cup in the bottom of the bag or purse. This way, you can bring it anytime and anywhere and use it when your period starts.

Menstrual Cup Price List

Now, you are ready to know the latest menstrual cup price Philippines. You may want to know the cheapest and most expensive menstrual cups in the country. Below are some details of the latest prices of menstrual cups in the Philippines you should know.

Menstrual Cup BrandsMenstrual Cup Prices
Diva Cup₱1,800 to ₱2,000
Me Luna₱1,199 to ₱3,800
Merula₱1,700 to ₱5,362
Comfort Cup₱899
JucciMall Lady₱59 to ₱750
Revolution₱550 to ₱2,051
Saalt₱1,330 to ₱2,650
Clear₱108 to ₱149
Intimina Lily Cup₱1,399 to ₱1,650
Serene Cup₱390 to ₱600
Easy Flo₱1,013

Menstrual Cup Advantages and Disadvantages

Before purchasing any menstrual cup, it is crucial to learn about the side effects of menstrual cup. You should also learn about the advantages of using this cup instead of a sanitary pad.

Here are the advantages of using a menstrual cup:

  • The cups will not dry up your vaginal area. They will protect the wearer from all vaginal infections.
  • Menstrual cups don’t like pads and tampons, those cups don’t have chemicals like dioxin and bleach.
  • When using cups, many women admit that they experience less acute cramps.
  • Most women don’t even feel like they are wearing the cup inside them.
  • It is eco-friendly and much better than tampons and pads.

However, menstrual cups also have some disadvantages. For example, some women need more time to learn to insert the cup into their bodies. Some others have an issue with the cleanup. Many women don’t want to wash their cups in public restrooms.

Make sure that you get enough details about menstrual cups, including the menstrual cup price Philippines before purchasing one.

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