5 Types Hospital Bed Price Philippines

Hospital Bed Price Philippines – Hospital beds play a crucial role in providing comfort and care for patients during their stay in medical facilities.

In the Philippines, there is a range of hospital bed options available to meet various needs.

From electric beds to bariatric beds, understanding the different types is essential when selecting the right one.

Electric beds offer adjustable positions for enhanced patient comfort, while semi-electric beds provide a balance between convenience and affordability.

For those on a budget, manual beds can be a practical choice.

Considering factors like height and width is important to ensure the bed accommodates the patient’s specific requirements.

Standard sizes are available, but customization options exist as well.

When purchasing a hospital bed, quality is of utmost importance.

Factors like durability, stability, and ease of use should be taken into account.

As for the price, the average cost of hospital beds in the Philippines varies depending on the type and features, but there are options available to suit different budgets.

Types of Hospital Bed

Hospital beds consist of several types which affect their price.

Hospital bed price is typically expensive as it has special features to optimize treatment as well as ensure patients and caregivers convenience.

Below are the types of hospital beds on the market, including hospital bed 3 cranks and 2 cranks.

1.Electric Beds

Electric Hospital Beds

Utilizing electrical controls, an electric bed offers easier access to lower and raise the head and the foot of the bed.

You can also adjust the bed height effortlessly.

Due to this convenience, an electric bed is considered the most expensive hospital bed price.

2.Semi-Electric Beds

Semi Electric Hospitals Beds

This type of bed combines electrical and manual mechanisms.

You can easily raise and lower the foot and head of the bed using electrical controls while adjusting the bed height manually.

Hospital bed price in Philippines is less expensive than electric one.

3.Manual Beds

Manual Hospital Beds

Hospital beds price Philippines manual type is the least expensive.

This kind of bed typically uses a hand crank to lower and raise the foot and head and adjust the height.

There are several options available on the market, including 3 crank and 2 crank hospital bed.

4.Bariatric Hospital Beds

Bariatric Hospital Beds

Bariatric beds are specially designed for obese people as they can support up to 1,000 pounds. In comparison, a standard bed size supports up to 600 pounds.

Hospital bed price for this type is more expensive than standard. Hospital bed size for the bariatric type is typically larger than standard.

5.Considering Height and Width

Some hospital beds are customized for various purposes.

For example, a bed lower than standard is ideal for patients with cognitive issues.

Other hospital beds are designed wider than regular to accommodate people with weight problems. The hospital bed price may be adjusted to the request.

What is the Standard Size of a Hospital Bed?

A hospital bed should meet standard specifications for size to promote safety and comfort.

A standard bed should be 80-82 inches long and 36 inches wide.

Normally, there are a few inches off the side for the bed rails and a few-inch along the food and head board.

Accounting for these extras, the total size of a standard hospital bed is about 39-40 inches wide and 90 inches in length.

Any difference in size may affect hospital beds price Philippines.

How to Choose a Quality Hospital Bed?

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a hospital bed, such as adjustability, size, warranty, and price.

Considering these aspects help you find the best hospital in the Philippines.


There are different types of beds based on their adjustability.

Full electric beds are easier to control than a semi-electric or manual bed.

2.Length of the Rails

Another point to consider is the length of the rail.

A full-length rail is ideal for patients who toss and turn a lot on the bed.


Consider a warranty to make sure you can use it longer.

If the user tends to wear out the bed quickly, pick one that offers a long warranty.


Hospital bed price is an important aspect to consider.

Find a product that meets your budget without ignoring the quality.

Hospital Bed Price Philippines

Hospital Bed 2 Cranks with IV Pole Leatherette Mattress₱10,300
VMED 2 Cranks Hospital Bed₱10,150
Hospital Bed 3 Cranks with IV Pole Leatherette Mattress₱23,000
Bartype Dotted 2 Cranks Hospital Bed₱9,300
Electric Hospital Bed 3 Cranks₱55,000
Mechanical Bed 2 Cranks Hospital Bed₱8,500
Primaplus 2 Cranks Hospital Bed with Complete Set₱10,200

Hospital bed price varies on brands and types.

Full-electric beds are the most expensive as it offers full electrical adjustability while manual beds are the least expensive.

Choose the best hospital beds by considering several aspects like adjustability, warranty, and rail length

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