Tonsillectomy Price Philippines

Tonsillectomy Price Philippines – Tonsils or the part of internal gums are shaped as two oval pads, and it is the tissue that is located at the back of the throat, with one tonsil for each side. Tonsils can sometimes be inflamed and infected especially due to bleeding gum, and many more. Sometimes, people would also opt for tonsil removal surgery, as such, here we are going to tell you about the tonsil removal surgery costs in the Philippines region.

The common procedure to cure the inflammation and infection of the tonsils is the tonsillectomy procedure that removes the infected tonsils. Currently, the tonsillectomy procedure is used not only to cure infected tonsils but it is also used to cure sleep disorders due to the unusual breathing from the tonsils. There may also be a treatment for tonsillitis that would occur depending on the treatment. 

When Do You Need A Tonsillectomy?

There are a few times that patients would need a tonsillectomy. One of the most common reasons is that the tonsils tissue has been infected severely, and to cure it, there is no choice but to remove the tonsils in the first place. Another reason is to cure breathing disorders caused by unusual tonsils movement on the throat, as unusual tonsils could result in an anomaly in the breathing and respiration system.

Another reason is also to cure sleep disorders due to the breathing tonsils that might be causing harm to the respiration system. Tonsillectomy is sometimes necessary to cure breathing problems and any problems that are related to the enlargement of tonsils, as well as some rare diseases caused by unusual tonsils tissue. 

Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Tonsillectomy In The Philippines

In the Philippines, the cost of tonsillectomy could cost around 90,000 Php to more than 200,000 Php. It is a lengthy, and complicated procedure that requires laser removal treatment of the tissue, not to mention, that there are also many factors that could affect how much is tonsil removal surgery in the Philippines such as: 

Doctors or surgeon fees, as it is a quite complicated procedure, not many doctors are able, or have licensed to perform the tonsillectomy, not to mention has the capability of performing one. the cost of machinery including laser removal, as the tools that are needed to perform this procedure, would be complicated, and quite expensive. 

The cost of accommodation, and operating room, would also be factors on why it can be expensive. Other factors such as medicine, as well as the costs for anesthesia in the Philippines sometimes would increase or decrease the price of each tonsillectomy. 

How Much Does Tonsillectomy Cost In The Philippines?

As we have mentioned earlier, the cost of tonsillectomy in the Philippines could range between 90,000 Php, to more than 150,000 Php, or sometimes due to the demand for medicine or anesthesia the price could soar up to more than 200,000 Php. It is quite a lengthy, and complicated procedure after all, and would require an expert surgeon to be able to perform it.

This is hospital price list with tonsillectomy services :

Philippine General HospitalPHP 150,000-200,000
Makati Medical CenterPHP 200,000-250,000
Cardinal Santos Medical CenterPHP 200,000-250,000
Asian Hospital and Medical CenterPHP 200,000-250,000
St. Luke’s Medical CenterPHP 250,000-300,000

However, there are ways that you can get affordable Tonsillectomy in the Philippines, either by using the Philhealth card coverage or by using many other healthcare insurance providers. 

Philhealth Coverage for Tonsillectomy

The Philhealth coverage for tonsillectomy is only available in certain hospitals, and usually sometimes covers indirectly, or directly, depending on how much discount you can get through Philhealth. 

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