Bone Fracture Surgery Cost In Philippines

Bone Fracture Surgery Cost in Philippines – Curious about the cost of bone fracture surgery in the Philippines?

This article intro will give you an overview.

Bone fractures can be a painful and debilitating experience, but fortunately, surgical interventions are available to aid in the healing process.

The cost of bone fracture surgery in the Philippines varies depending on the type of fracture and the complexity of the procedure.

Generally, prices range from ₱41,390 for common fractures, while more complex cases may incur higher costs.

Let’s explore the types of surgeries, associated risks, and recovery process in the following sections.

Types of Bone Fracture Surgery

Before checking the latest bone fracture surgery cost in Philippines, get to know about the different types of surgery to fix bone fractures.

There are some techniques surgeons may use in healing bone fractures.

1.Internal fixation

The surgeon is going to set or realign bones to the right position.

Then the surgeon will secure the bones in place so that those bones can heal and also grow back together.

Internal fixation is when the surgeon inserts metal pieces into the bone. Those pieces will hold your bones in place.

2.External fixation

Another bone fracture surgery technique is external fixation.

This is when the surgeon put screws in the bone on both sides of the bone fracture inside the body.

And then the surgeon will connect those screws to a bracket or brace around your bone outside the body.


Is a term for joint replacement.

This surgery technique has a different bone fracture surgery cost in Philippines.

You will need this joint replacement if you fracture your knee, elbow, shoulder, or other joint.

The surgeon will remove your damaged joint before replacing it with the artificial one.

4.Bone grafting

The surgeon will use the bone grafting technique if your bone doesn’t heal back together as it should or if the fracture you experience is severely displaced.

Your surgeon is going to insert extra bone tissue during the bone fracture surgery.

The additional bone tissue will help rejoin the fractured bone.

Bone Fracture Surgery Cost in Philippines

Different medical facilities in the Philippines offer different costs for different types of bone fracture surgery.

Below are some details on the latest bone fracture surgery cost in Philippines you better know.

ACL reconstruction₱125,848
Arthroscopy knee₱83,898
Arthroscopy shoulder₱95,085
Carpal tunnel release₱41,390

The cost above was released by a medical center located in Makati City in the Philippines.

Different medical facilities in different cities may have different costs.

Check the latest cost to repair of bone fractures in your city immediately.

What Are The Risks of Bone Fracture Surgery?

Fracture surgery isn’t easy and risk-free.

Some complications may happen during and after the fracture surgery.

Once you check the latest bone fracture surgery cost in Philippines, check the risks as well.

Below are some complications that may be caused by fracture surgery.

  • ACS or acute compartment syndrome is a pressure build-up in the muscles that may stop your blood from reaching tissue. This is harmful since it can cause permanent nerve and muscle damage.
  • Nonunion is when the bones may never grow back together at all or cannot grow back together fully.
  • Malunion is when broken bones are not lining up properly while they are healing.
  • Osteomyelitis or bone infection is when you experience an open fracture or when your bone is breaking through the skin. It will increase the bacterial infection risk.
  • Fractures can also cause other internal damage. It can damage the area around your injury, such as ligaments, tendons, blood vessels, nerves, and muscles.

The bone fracture surgery cost in Philippines isn’t the only thing you should know.

Get to know about the risks and the recovery time as well.

Recovery for Bone Fracture Surgery

The doctor is going to let you know the expected recovery time until you heal the fracture.

The process usually will take six to eight weeks. But the time frame will vary, depending on the location of the fracture and its type.

After the procedure, the doctor is going to take you to a recovery room.

That’s where the hospital staff monitors your temperature, heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure.

Knowing all details about bone fracture surgery cost in Philippines, complications, and recovery will help you prepare for the worst.

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