Gallstone Operation Cost Philippines

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Gallstone operation cost Philippines start from ₱ 12,000 – ₱ 80,000. The cost varies due to the surgery type and hospital conducting

Scoliosis Surgery Cost Philippines

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The scoliosis surgery cost Philippines can reach ₱1,000,000. Due to this high cost, some patients need to seek financial assistance

Mastectomy Cost Philippines

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The most affordable mastectomy cost Philippines is about ₱50,000. The cost of mastectomy will be higher if the surgery is

Blepharoplasty Cost Philippines

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The blepharoplasty cost Philippines starts from ₱41,000. This cost depends on the eyelid condition and where the patients get this

Pacemaker Cost Philippines

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Pacemaker cost Philippines start from ₱ 101,000 – 210,000 is quite expensive although it comes in various price ranges so getting

Thyroid Surgery Cost Philippines

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How much does thyroid surgery cost Philippines? You know, the cost start from ₱23,200-₱44,500. The cost can go high or

Hair Transplant Philippines Cost

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How much does a hair transplant Philippines cost? You know the price strat from ₱55,000-₱500,000 . Its very expensive right