Lasik Surgery Cost Philippines

Not everyone has the privilege of having a 20/20 vision. Many people must deal with vision problems, in most parts of their lives. If you don’t want to deal with your vision problem anymore, you must consider having LASIK surgery. The LASIK surgery cost in the Philippines can reach over ₱100,000.

However, this cost is worth the benefits of the surgery, especially if it is done by an ophthalmologist who is experienced and has excellent expertise in LASIK surgery.

Before you finally give up your contacts and glasses, you must understand LASIK surgery well so you know what to expect from it.

What is LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery meaning is a laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis surgery. It is an eye surgery administered to correct vision in persons who have astigmatism or are farsighted or nearsighted. 

During the surgery, an ophthalmologist will use a particular cutting laser to reshape the patient’s cornea to correct his vision.

However, it doesn’t mean that his surgery will always give the patient a 20/20 vision. 

Few patients have much-improved vision after a LASIK surgery, but they still need to wear contacts or glasses while driving.

According to the statistic, about 90% of patients who get LASIK surgery have 20/20 vision to 20/40 vision. 

Consequently, you must only choose the most expert eye surgeon to perform this procedure if you want to get the best result. However, getting the surgery from the best ophthalmologist will charge you a higher LASIK surgery cost.

Why is LASIK Done?

Your ophthalmologist may suggest you have a LASIK eye operation if you have the conditions below.

  • Myopia or Nearsightedness: It is a condition in which you see objects clearly when they are nearby, but blurry when they are farther away. FDA approves LASIK eye surgery for those with a maximum of -12.0D myopia.
  • Astigmatism: This condition causes you to have blurred vision. You can have the LASIK surgery if your astigmatism is 6 diopters or less.
  • Hyperopia or Farsightedness: It is a condition in which you see objects clearly when they are far away, but blurry when they are nearby. The LASIK surgery is suitable for those with a maximum of +6.0D hyperopia.

LASIK Surgery Philippines Price

How much does LASIK surgery cost? The cost of this surgery varies from one clinic to the others. On the other hand, some government hospital offers more affordable LASIK treatment packages.

The estimated cost of this eye surgery is as follows.

Treatment LocationPrice
LASIK SurgeryAsia Pacific Eye Center₱72,000 to ₱82,000
Laser Eye Surgeon Consultation ₱650 to ₱1,250
LASIK Surgery
Roque Eye Clinic
LASIK with IntraLase/VisuMax₱77,000
Relex Smile₱112,000
LASIK SurgeryShinagawa LASIK and Aesthetics Clinic₱142,000
Relex SmileAsian Hospital and Medical Clinic₱138,000

Note: the LASIK surgery cost above may not include screening and consultation costs.

How Should I Prepare for LASIK Eye Surgery?

Your ophthalmologist will give you some instructions regarding the preparation for eye surgery. 

  • You need to follow a series of screening tests. The purposes of these tests are to check for dry eyes, to ensure that your eyes are healthy, to measure the pupil size and cornea’s thickness and surface, and to measure the refractive error.
  • You must not use contact lenses for two to four weeks, depending on the types of lenses. 
  • Do not use makeup, perfume, cream, and lotion 24 hours before the surgery.

LASIK Procedure

During this LASIK eye laser surgery, you will lie flat on your back. Meanwhile, your eye surgeon will perform at least 5 steps during the surgery.

  • He will use eye drops to numb your eyes.
  • Next, he will prevent you from moving and blinking your eyes by placing a suction ring and an eyelid holder on your eye.
  • After that, he will make a very thin flap in your eye by using the cutting laser. Then, he will lift and fold it back.
  • Next, he will order you to stare at a light. At the same time, he reshapes your cornea using the LASIK equipment.
  • Lastly, he will place the flap of tissue back.

LASIK Surgery Risks

Most eye surgery types carry some risks. LASIK surgery, for example, has some risks below.

  • LASIK may cause you to lose your best vision, but it rarely happens.
  • There is a small risk that particular problems may permanently affect your vision.

LASIK Eye Surgery Side Effects

When you compare your vision before and after LASIK eye surgery, you will likely find a significant improvement. However, you may get some side effects of LASIK right after the surgery. These side effects usually will go after some time. They are:

  • Dry eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Scratchy eyes
  • Glare
  • Seeing halos around objects


Below are more facts about LASIK you must know.

  • Is LASIK Surgery Safe?

    Yes, LASIK surgery is generally safe. It is also painless and requires no stitches.

  • Do I qualify for LASIK Eye Surgery?

    LASIK is not for everyone. You must not have this procedure if you are: 1. Pregnant or breastfeeding
    2. Younger than 18 years old
    3. Have uneven or thin cornea, dry eyes, and suffer from glaucoma
    4. Have particular health issues, such as lupus and diabetes

  • What Happens Before LASIK Eye Surgery?

    Before the surgeon starts the surgery, you will need to perform certain preparation and follow screening tests.

  • Will I be Asleep During LASIK Eye Surgery?

    No. However, your surgeon will numb your eye. Moreover, he will prevent the ball to moves.

  • When can I drive?

    You can start driving your car again in 24 hours. If you get blurry vision while driving for more than one day, you must contact your doctor.

  • Will I have to Limit my Activity?

    In some cases, you must limit your activity. It is because you may have blurry vision for several days after the surgery. Moreover, you must not swim, soak in the bath, and put on your makeup for several weeks.

  • How Long Does LASIK Eye Surgery Last?

    It takes only 30 minutes or less for the surgeon to perform LASIK surgery.

LASIK surgery is one of the most popular surgery methods. It is quite effective in improving the patient’s vision.

However, LASIK surgery cost can be very expensive. Therefore, you must prepare enough budget to have this eye surgery.

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