Sclerotherapy Price in Hospital Philippines

Explore the sclerotherapy price in Hospital Philippines. Learn about the factors that affect the price of sclerotherapy in hospitals and clinics, and find approximate prices for sclerotherapy at popular medical centers in the Philippines. Compare prices and find the best option for your needs and budget 

Factors That Affect Sclerotherapy Cost In The Philippines

Sclerotherapy is a special medical treatment that could improve body appearance, and removing on muscle varicose, sometimes called spider veins on the legs. Although varicose could appear anywhere on the muscle, sometimes it is more prevalent on the legs. Some solution to reduce or remove varicose is by reducing or shrinking engorged blood vessels.

The cost of sclerotherapy in the Philippines can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Type of veins

The cost of sclerotherapy may vary depending on the type and size of the veins being treated. Larger varicose veins may require more injections, which can increase the overall cost of the procedure.

  • Number of sessions

The number of sessions required to achieve the desired results can affect the cost of sclerotherapy. Some patients may require multiple sessions to achieve the desired outcome.

  • Provider

The cost of sclerotherapy can vary depending on the provider. Some providers may charge more for their services based on their level of experience or reputation.

  • Location

The location of the clinic or hospital where the procedure is performed can also affect the cost of sclerotherapy. Clinics or hospitals located in more affluent areas may charge more for their services than those located in more rural or suburban areas.

  • Insurance coverage

Some insurance companies may cover the cost of sclerotherapy, depending on the specific policy.

  • Type of solution

Different solutions and medications used for the procedure may have different prices, which affect the overall cost of the procedure.

How Much Is Sclerotherapy Price In A Hospital

Depending on the sessions needed, and whether the Sclerotherapy medication is required, then each session would at least cost 3,000 Php, but it is only the starting price. 

Some prices might increase due to the high demand, and needed medications, or sometimes the price for each doctor might also change. Refer to our table on the Sclerotherapy cost in many different places and hospitals around the Philippines. 

Here are lists of the hospital that have Sclerotherapy treatment available for the public, and you might also request the prices, and the Philhealth care card requests on them. So, here is the place you can find to have better or probably the best Sclerotherapy treatment near you.

Hospital ListPrice
Philippine General HospitalPHP 5,000-10,000
Cardinal Santos Medical CentePHP 8,000-15,000 per session
Makati Medical CenterPHP 10,000-20,000 per session
Asian Hospital and Medical CenterPHP 10,000-20,000 per session
St. Luke’s Medical CenterPHP 15,000-25,000 per session

Additional Costs

A few additional costs might be required for each Sclerotherapy treatment in many hospitals and skin centers, such as with the medical injection, and the cost of doctors and nurses, but typically the price for each session may go up around 20 to 30 percent of increases in price depending on how many session needed, as well as the needed medication.

You can also opt for the additional affordable costs for the therapy such as using a Philhealth card, health care insurance, as well as HMO coverages, and senior discount. 

Options For Affordable Sclerotherapy Cost

There are many options that you can choose to opt for affordable Sclerotherapy therapy, such as with the HMO coverages, and Philhealth card. 

More or less, you would need to contact your healthcare insurer to know more about it, and how much coverage you can get from it. Make sure to know each hospital that would receive the benefits and advantages of each card and health care insurance. 

There would also be Senior Citizens Discounts that are eligible by showing the Philippines ID card, to show that you are eligible senior that receives bonuses and donations for the Sclerotherapy therapy session. 

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