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The CT scan price in private hospitals is about ₱2,000 higher than the one provided by the Philippines state hospitals. The most affordable CT scan costs ₱3,100.

In some cases, medical examinations require an imaging test that provides highly detailed images. Consequently, doctors order the patients to have a CT scan.

Here in the Philippines, you can find ct scan price quezon city and many hospitals offering include  this procedure. The CT scan price in these hospitals is commonly over ₱3,000.

CT scan is a modern imaging test that produces highly detailed images. With these images, doctors will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and give the most effective treatment for patients.

What is a CT Scan?

A CT (computed tomography) scan is a diagnostic imaging procedure that combines a computer and X-rays to create images of patients’ organs, bones, and soft tissues. This tool will take X-rays images from different angles.

After that, the computer will process them so that it produces more detailed information for medical professionals.

The main CT scan purpose is to examine patients who may have an internal injury or an internal disease.

Patients can get a CT scan on any part of their body. Therefore, they can get a CT scan chest, CT scan of brain tumor, CT scan appendicitis, CT scan for stroke, or other types of CT scan depending on their needs.

The type of CT scan you have will affect the CT scan price you must pay.

CT Scan with Contrast

In some cases, doctors or radiologists will give you a CT scan procedure with contrast material. This material is a special dye made of iodine or barium sulfate.

The purpose of using contrast material is to help soft tissues appear more clearly on the CT scan image result. 

The special dye will block the X-rays so the soft tissues appear white on the result. Patients may receive the contrast materials via injection, orally, or enema depending on the CT scan types.

Patients who will have a chest CT scan with contrast will get a contrast agent injection on their upper arm.

Meanwhile, those who will have a digestive tract CT scan with contrast will need to drink a liquid that contains this special dye before the procedure.

It is essential to note that the CT scan price with contrast is more expensive than a regular CT scan.

CT Scan Uses

Doctors order their patients to have a CT scan for various reasons.

  • Doctors use a CT scan to spot patients, cancer, liver masses, or heart disease and to see how they change.
  • Doctors use this imaging examination to detect joint or bone problems.
  • A CT scan helps doctors locate a blood clot, internal injuries, bleeding, infection, or tumor in the patient’s body.
  • Doctors use a CT scan image to plan medical treatment and procedures, for example, surgeries, radiation therapy, and biopsies. 
  • Doctors compare CT scan results before and after treatments to find how effective the treatments are.

CT Scan Type & Price Philippines

CT Scan Type & Price Philippines

Different types of CT scans will cost you differently. Moreover, the CT scan price in a private hospital is higher than that in the Philippines state hospitals. The price difference is about ₱2,000.

This is the estimated CT scan price list in the Philippines state hospitals.

CT Scan Procedure


Neck CT Scan₱4,000
Chest CT Scan₱3,800
Chest CT Scan with Contrast₱4,400
CT Scan of Lungs₱7,100
Liver Study CT scan₱5,700
Thoracic Spine (12 VB) CT scan₱6,300
Heart CT Scan (Coronary Artery)₱8,150
Brain CT Scan Starts from ₱6,100 to ₱10,000
Head CT scan₱3,100
Head CT scan with Contrast₱4,000
CT scan Abdomen (Whole)₱6,900
CT Scan Lower Abdomen₱5,100
CT Scan Upper Abdomen₱5,100
CT Scan Lower Extremities₱5,050
CT Scan Upper Extremities₱4,400
Hips/Pelvis CT scan₱5,850
Facial CT scan₱5,750
Lumbar CT scan₱4,500

How do I Prepare for a CT Scan?

Patients who will have a CT scan procedure commonly receive specific instructions to prepare themselves for this procedure. Below are some of them.

  • Upon arrival, you may need to change your clothes into the hospital gown. You must also take off your jewelry and watch.
  • You can eat and drink freely before the CT scan procedure if you have it without contrast. However, you must not eat anything 3 hours before the procedure if you have it with contrast. Doctors generally will recommend you to drink only clear liquid before the examination.
  • A medical professional will perform a blood test beforehand so they can give you the right contrast agent. After that, he will ask you to drink a liquid containing a contrast agent or give you a contrast injection.

How Long Does the Test Take?

The CT scan imaging test is a quick procedure The scan takes about 10 to 30 minutes. However, you may need 24 hours to get the CT scan results.

CT Scan Procedure

When you have a CT scan procedure, you must lie down on a bed-like table. The bed will move slowly into the doughnut-like equipment. You must stay still during the procedure so the CT scan image is sharp and clear.

The scanner will take the image of your organs, bones, or soft tissues that your doctor needs to see. After that, the bed will move back out of the scanner.

What are the Risks of a CT Scan?

The X-rays in CT scans produce ionizing radiation. It can damage human DNA and triggers the growth of cancerous cells.

However, the health risk from CT scan radiation is very small.  CT scan procedure is generally safe, even for children. 

CT scan technicians will reduce the amount of radiation exposure when they perform CT scan procedures for children. However, pregnant women must consult their doctors before having this procedure.

Moreover, the contrast agent may cause patients some discomfort. It can cause patients to feel bloated, experience a metallic taste in their mouth, and have an allergic reaction.

CT Scan Vs MRI

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CT scans and MRIs are different. The major MRI and CT scan difference is that the former use magnetic resonance imaging, instead of X rays imaging.

MRI produces better soft-tissue images than CT scans. Therefore, it is no wonder that the MRI price is higher than the CT scan price.

CT scan is one of the best imaging tests. It offers high-quality images of bones, organs, and soft tissues.

The CT scan price is also affordable for most Filipinos. However, this imaging test is not the safest due to its ionizing radiation.

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