Medical City Laboratory Price List

Medical city laboratory price list start from ₱2,500 – ₱20,000. The price can go high or low depans several factors.

The Medical City Laboratory price list in the Philippines is helpful for a lot of patients with many kinds of illnesses they have.

Check the price list and the services here.

What is a Medical City Laboratory?

The Medical City laboratory is the place where you can get the best service related to health and wellness.

The medical laboratory price list in the Philippines is affordable and they have many departments to serve more than 500,000 patients who have been out of treatment a year.

Departement of Medical City Laboratory

• Molecular Medicine Department

This is the department that gives some treatments that are related to molecules. Usually, people who suffer from cell disorders and cancerous illnesses will need to visit this department.

The service involves stem cell storage and organ replacement. 

There are many diseases that this department can address such as orthopedics, cardiology, oncology, plastic surgery related to trauma, wellness and aesthetic, endocrinology, neurology, and ophthalmology.

The services are related to profiling, therapy, and transplantation.

• Wellness and Aesthetic Department

The wellness and aesthetic department serves many types of services such as rehabilitative, diagnostic, and therapeutic.

The medical city laboratory price list will be different according to the treatment and age. People can improve their needs with customization.

The laboratory itself offers the latest technology and a safe environment, served by the best team in the Philippines ever.

The procedure follows the medical guideline where they always support the patients. The area of this department promises privacy for all.

• Cardiovascular Department

This department has many expert cardiologists.

The Medical City laboratory price list in this department is quite high due to the advanced programs they have, especially the preventive system for emergency cases.

This department achieved one of the best on a global scale in 2018.

The Medical City offers the best service for patients with coronary cases.

The best program is Cardiac Catheterization which is popular as a safe method because of comfort and fewer bleeding cases.

A lot of international patients come to the laboratory in The Medical City Philippines.

• Eye and vision laboratory

This is the laboratory where a lot of diagnostics and treatments are done related to vision.

The Medical City laboratory price list for this department is quite high because of the advanced technology of the tools they use.

The treatments are also rare in the Philippines themselves.

The Eye Center laboratory has diagnostics for retina and cataract surgery, especially for patients who have entered the elderly phase.

Other laboratories in this department are glaucoma diagnostics and miscellaneous diagnostics. They also have the treatment for special surgery such as lasik.

• Pediatrics

The pediatrics laboratory in the Medical City laboratory price list is way affordable.

They offer a lot of subspecialties that lead the patient to get the best treatments in the Philippines. Patients with special needs can get their service here according to the specialty issue they have.

Other services from this laboratory that the patients can get are consultations, and general treatments related to pediatricians, and physicians.

The laboratory also opens emergency cases and animal bites cases in the Philippines that sometimes occur in particular seasons or months.

• Neurological department

This is a big department in the Philippines in the category of Neurological.

The Medical City laboratory price list in this department is way expensive, but the patients can get proper treatment since there are a lot of specialties and the best doctor team. 

The main subspecialty in this department is the movement disorder clinic. This is the laboratory for patients who have issues with their movement because of brain injury.

There is also a Neurologic Intensive Unit to enhance a patient’s condition because of severe illness. Another one is the neuroscience center for general neuron issues.

• Critical care

This is the department where the professional healthcare provider provides treatment who have an issue with acute illness.

The laboratory is supportive of the patient with several divisions such as the intensive care unit, advanced resuscitation center, and emergency department.

In the Medical City laboratory price list, the ICU treatment has the highest level among other services since the specialists are highly-competent.

The nurses in this department are well-trained with a 1:1 ratio for the treatment. The system such as equipment, monitoring, and medication in this laboratory are superior.

Medical City Laboratory Price List in Philippines

The Medical City laboratory price list will be different according to the department of the laboratory to take the sample.

Different purposes of examination will cost differently either. Check the price list below to know the average of checking in this laboratory.

Heart screen package ₱ 3500-7200
Molecular screening₱ 5000-6000
Eye and visio screening₱ 6000-10,000
Neurological screening₱ 2500-6000

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