Radioactive Iodine Price Philippines

Radioactive Iodine Price Philippines – Radioactive iodine, a form of radiotherapy, has emerged as a significant treatment option for various thyroid disorders.

In the Philippines, patients often wonder about the cost associated with this procedure.

The average price of radioactive iodine treatment in the country can vary depending on factors such as the hospital and the dosage required.

Furthermore, individuals may be curious to know if they have insurance coverage through PhiHealth for this specific treatment.

It is essential to explore the hospital options that provide radioactive iodine therapy and understand the potential risks associated with its usage

What Type of Radiation Is Radioactive Iodine?

Radioactive iodine is usually used to treat overactive thyroid and thyroid cancer.

This type of radioactive iodine emits radiation beta minus and gamma that help with treatment and diagnosis.

However, radioactive iodine price can be surprisingly expensive in the Philippines.

Despite the radioactive term it has, this treatment is safe and well-tolerated by the body.

The radioactive iodine only targets the thyroid cells and it is less likely to affect the other cells in your body.

During the treatment, the patient is given an oral capsule of radioactive iodine and prompted to drink a lot of water.

Radioactive iodine price in the Philippines is typically high and only a few hospitals offer this treatment.

Before walking into a nearby hospital, inquire about the availability in your local area.

You may need to go a little further to get the treatment, so it is essential to consider the accommodation.

Cost of Radioactive Iodine Treatment in the Philippines

Radioactive iodine treatment price varies on the hospital’s pricing rates, dosage, and professional fees.

In the Philippines, it may start from ₱8,000 or higher for one session.

You can easily predict the total cost based on the number of sessions you should take.

The service in the government hospital is relatively cheaper than in private hospitals.

The price may include better facilities and faster services that promises convenience.

The radioactive iodine price per session is expensive but there is an option to get a cheaper price.

Some government hospitals offer cheaper packages for those with lower incomes.

Take advantage of this service to get radioactive iodine treatment without worrying about radioactive iodine cost.

PhilHealth Coverage for Radioactive Iodine

PhilHealth is another solution for individuals who cannot afford the price of radioactive iodine in the Philippines.

This government program covers treatment, surgery, and other healthcare procedures for eligible individuals including radioactive iodine treatment. 

There are no clear details on how much PhilHealth covers RAI therapy for thyroid problems.

But some aspects like professional fees and confinement may be covered by PhilHealth.

Inquire about the policy for clearer information including the radioactive iodine price rate.

Hospital List with Radioactive Iodine

Only a few hospitals support radioactive iodine therapy which impacts the cost of radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer Philippines.

Those facilities are concentrated in Metro Manila so you may need to consider the accommodation when deciding to get this therapy.

Here are several hospitals that offer radioactive iodine treatment. Be sure to inquire about the radioactive iodine price list Philippines.

  • FEU NRM Hospital
  • Chinese General Hospital
  • PGH
  • Capitol Medical Center
  • Makati Medical Center
  • St. Lukes Medical Center
  • Manila Doctors Hospital
  • Qualimed Manila
  • UST Hospital

Risk of Radioactive Iodine

After knowing the radioactive iodine price, you should also learn about the side effects.

Radioactive iodine therapy or radioiodine is a common treatment for thyroid cancer.

Despite the expensive radioactive iodine treatment cost in the Philippines, it comes with several risks and side effects.

Below are the short-term side effects of radioactive iodine therapy.

  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Swelling of the salivary glands
  • Neck tenderness
  • Taste changes
  • Dry eyes

In addition, a huge dose of radiation may impact fertility as it could lower sperm counts for men and cause irregular menstruation for women.

Healthcare providers may recommend female patients avoid becoming pregnant a year after this treatment.

Radioactive iodine therapy may also increase the risk of developing stomach cancer, salivary gland cancer, and leukemia but in extremely rare cases.

To summarize, radioactive iodine therapy is a treatment to destroy the thyroid gland.

The radioactive iodine price Philippines is relatively expensive, making it harder to afford.

If you are an eligible member of PhilHealth or HMO health card, you can get radioactive iodine price at its best rate

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