Dengue Test Price Philippines (Test Kits & Blood Test)

Curious about the cost of dengue tests?

In the Philippines, there are several types of dengue tests available.

Determining the best test for accurate results is crucial. However, pricing can be a concern for many.

Fear not! We have gathered information on dengue test prices in the Philippines, including the dengue test kit price at Mercury Drug stores and hospitals.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for cost-effective alternatives, we’ll unveil free dengue test options.

Explore our guide to find the most affordable and reliable ways to detect dengue fever.

How Many Types Of Dengue Test Are There?

Pregnant women and infants are riskier for developing severe dengue.

That’s why you need to know details about the latest dengue test price and if possible, free dengue test near me.

At least there are two major types of blood tests to see whether you get dengue fever or not.

  1. Antibody dengue blood test price will check the blood sample for antibodies produced by the immune system to fight germs and viruses. Your body will need time in making antibodies that will fight dengue. The test will be more accurate when you do it four days after symptoms begin.
  2. The molecular dengue duo test price is looking for the dengue virus’s genetic material in the blood sample. A PCR test is a molecular test that will check for dengue and will be done seven days after the symptoms begin to get a more accurate result.

What Is The Best Test For Dengue?

Do you want to know about the dengue NS1 test price Philippines?

Before looking for details about the dengue test price you may want to know why the NS1 antigen test is considered one of the best tests.

This test will detect viruses to get early, serotype-specific, and definitive identification.

As soon as you get the detail of the dengue test kit price, you can conduct the test rapidly at a lower cost.

Many people prefer this NS1 test because it can be done very quickly and the dengue duo test price Philippines is not expensive at all.

Dengue Test Kit Mercury Drug Price

Some people prefer purchasing dengue test kit price Philippines and then conducting the test at home instead of visiting the hospital or any other medical facility.

If you’re one of them, then you need to get the latest info about the dengue test price in the country.

Below are some available products.

Dengue test kitComplete dengue test price
Dengue NS1 AG Self-Test Kit₱349.00
2s Dengue NS1 AG Self-Test Kit₱700.00
MD Dengue NS1 Antigen IgG/IgM Test Kit₱298.00

Where can you buy rapid dengue test price?

Almost any online drug store and local pharmacies offer dengue tool kits in various ranges of rapid dengue test kit price.

If you don’t want to buy the product from an online shop, visit local pharmacies and get the right product you desire.

Dengue Test Price Philippines Hospital

The country has many medical facilities providing dengue tests for every Filipino.

If you need to get a test, check the most updated dengue blood test price Philippines.

What is the price of dengue test in the Philippines? Here are the latest prices of dengue tests in the country.

Type of TestDengue test cost in Philippines
Dengue Duo (IgM/IgG₱2,310.00
Dengue NS1 AG₱1,505.00
Malarial Smear₱180.00

The list above is the answer to how much is dengue test Philippines.

Compared to a dengue blood test conducted by the hospital, the dengue test kit is much more affordable.

But if you want to get a very accurate result instantly, a blood test is a much better option.

Free Dengue Test In Philippines

Is there any free dengue test you can find in the Philippines?

Some people just can’t afford the test kit and blood test above and need a free dengue test.

Last year, Kidapawan City in North Cotabato provided free dengue tests for residents.

Probably, there will be more tests like this provided by the government.

Hopefully, more cities in the Philippines will offer the same free dengue test to help residents get the right treatment they need after getting the results of the test.

Dengue test price with a test kit and the price for blood tests can vary.

The accuracy of the test will affect the price of each dengue test.

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