Circumcision Price Philippines

Circumcision price philippines start from ₱ 1,000 – ₱ 10,000 . The price can go high or low depans several factors and hospital do you choose.

Here more information about circumcision cost in philippines include the types of the circumcision cuts .

That you can use for price estimate.

Why is Circumcision Important?

Circumcision price Philippines is available in various options depending on the type of service included and where the patient gets the procedure.

Circumcision refers to the surgical removal of tissue covering the head of the penis or usually denotes the foreskin. 

This procedure is locally known as tuli in the Philippines. Circumcision is important for men because it promotes lower infection risks in the urinary tract or male reproduction system.

Foreskin likely becomes the place for germs and other bacteria to develop when men do not perform proper hygiene. 

Removing the foreskin can prevent certain sexually transmitted disease infections. Prices of circumcision in the Philippines are worth the benefits because it keeps this vital organ clean and hygienic. 

Besides, it can reduce the risk of penile cancer and cervical cancer in women who become their sexual partners. It also can prevent the inflammation of the penis glans. 

Types of Circumcision Cuts

There are three common options that patients can choose for circumcision cuts. Each type, of course, has a different procedure and Philippine circumcision price. 

1.Dorsal slit

This circumcision type includes making a vertical incision to the foreskin to loose the tightness and avoid retraction. It leaves extra skin underneath the shaft. 


The v-cut type is ideal for men with too much foreskin in their penis. It includes exposing the glans by removing the triangle-liked area of the foreskin. 

3.Coronal cut or German cut

A coronal cut or usually refers as the German circumcision type involves removing the foreskin surrounding the perimeter of the penis to form a cleaner shaft.

Then, the doctor will stitch the remaining skin back together.

This type exposes more tissue than the two other types which may cause more bleeding. 

Circumcision Package Cost

Parents in this country usually choose a circumcision package for their sons.

It allows them to pay for circumcision price Philippines yet it already includes the professional fees, circumcision procedures, medicines, PPE, and other supplies used.

The circumcision package comes in different options that will affect the price. You can find the package cost as affordable as ₱ 600 or slightly higher.

However, the circumcision package cost in the hospital usually ranges from ₱ 2750 to ₱ 5800.

Price List of Circumcision in Hospital

Although circumcision is a simple surgical procedure and you can get it in the clinic, many people prefer having it in the hospital.

If you choose to get a circumcision in the hospital, you can expect a slightly higher price. Below is a comparison of circumcision price Philippines in major hospitals. 

No HospitalPrice
1Makati Medical CenterEnquire at 88888999
2Capitol Medical CenterEnquire at 83723840
3St. Luke’s Medical CenterEnquire at 87320101
4De Los Santos Medical CenterEnquire at 88935762
5Premiere Medical CenterEnquire at 88652200

Comparison of Prices between Different Patient

Circumcision price Philippines also varies based on the patient’s age. It depends on the patient’s condition when they get circumcised or whether they need further revision.

You can look at the comparison in the following table. 

1Newborn circumcision cost₱ 1,000 – 10,000
2Adult Circumcision cost₱ 3,000 – 10,000
3Revision of circumcision cost₱ 5,000 – 7,000

How Much is Circumcision Home Service?

How much is circumcision in the Philippines also depends on the chosen service. If you select to have a circumcision home service, you likely pay a higher cause because it gives you more privacy and convenience.

You can get circumcision home service from several medical centers and clinics in the Philippines.

However, private circumcision is considerably uncommon in this country.

Hence, you need to ask the service provider at the nearby clinic whether they have this home service.

Circumcision home service costs may start from ₱ 3,000. However, it can be higher if it includes laser circumcision Philippines’ price. 

Free Circumcision Clinics Near Me

There are several options to get more affordable circumcision costs.

If you are an HMO health card holder, you can benefit from it to get circumcision cost coverage for patients or their children.

Otherwise, you can search for free circumcision clinics nearby.

Government and some hospitals in the Philippines provide circumcision clinics freely as a service for the community in the summer.

You can use this opportunity to have circumcision without paying the circumcision price Philippines.

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