2D Echo Price List in Philippines

When ones are getting older, their body will not be able to do things as it used to. If you are feeling unusually out of breath after climbing the stairs or low on stamina when playing sports, it may be a good idea to have a 2D echo test. The 2D echo price in philippines is quite affordable for most Filipinos.

You can find 2D echo (2D echocardiogram) test services in diagnostic centers and major hospitals in the Philippines.

Some of those hospitals only offer the test for adults, but others also offer it for babies and children. How is this test conducted? Keep reading.

What is 2D Echo?

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2D echo means a non-invasive test administered to assess the heart sections and analyze the functioning of the heart. Your cardiologist will order you to take the test if he thinks that you have heart disease-related symptoms, e.g., chest pain, upper back pain, breathlessness, and heartburn.

A cardiac sonographer uses a 2D echo machine (ECG) to perform this test. The machine will show 2D images of different parts of the heart through the monitor. It also produces the vibration sound of the heart. This test enables doctors to see all the heart structures at work. 

Moreover, it allows them to evaluate these structures, checking for abnormalities, and blood flow rate. The echo machine utilizes sound waves to record the images and sounds of the hearts. Therefore, it is similar to the ultrasound imaging test and perfectly safe for the patient. 

Due to this technology, some people call the test ultrasound 2D echo. However, different healthcare providers may have a different machine, i.e., 2D echo with doppler. The regular 2D echo price is more affordable than the price of a 2D echocardiogram with a doppler.

2D Echo Purpose

The purposes of taking a 2D echo test are for detecting abnormalities within the heart, for example:

  • Fluid accumulation around the sac of the heart
  • Blood flow abnormality within the heart
  • Malfunctioning of the heart valves
  • Congenital heart disease or tumors
  • Signs of heart inflammation
  • Abnormal movement of the heart
  • Possible damage to the heart after heart attacks

The doctor will use the images and data from the 2D echo test for planning the treatment of the patient. Moreover, he may order the patient to have another 2D echo test after the treatment. Therefore, he can compare and evaluate the progress of the patient’s condition.

2D Echo Price Philippines

Different hospitals or diagnostic centers charge different 2D echo price to the patient. Taking the 2D echo test in the Philippines’ government hospitals is generally more affordable than taking the test in private hospitals.

The 2D echo price in the Philippines is as follows.

Echocardiography TestHealthcare ProviderPrice
2D Echo Test with DopplerPerpetual Succor Hospital, Manila₱3,000
Stress Test₱2,500
2D Echo TestMekati Medical Center, Quezon City₱4,400 – ₱7,500
2D Echo TestChinese General Hospital, Manila₱2,000 – ₱3,500
2D Echo TestDe Los Santos Medical Center, Quezon City₱3,500 – ₱5,500
Outpatient 2D Echo Test (Regular)Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital₱3,500
Inpatient 2D Echo Test (Regular)Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital₱4,100
Outpatient 2D Echo SeniorJose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital₱2,900
Inpatient 2D Echo SeniorJose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital₱3,300
Outpatient 2D Echo PediaJose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital₱4,700
Inpatient 2D Echo PediaJose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital₱5,600
2D Echo Test for Babies and ChildrenStart from ₱4,500

2D Echo Preparation

There is no special preparation you must do before having the 2D echo test. 

  • Women will take the female 2D echo test while wearing the hospital gown. Therefore, you will need to change your top clothing with this gown when you arrive at the examination room. 
  • For men, they will take the 2D echo test without the gown. They only need to take off their top clothing and get ready for the exam table.
  • In addition, patients must remove their jewelry or accessories that may get in the way of the procedure.

2D Echo Procedure

The procedure of a 2D echo for heart examination is as follows.

  • A patient who is ready for the 2D echo test must lie on their left side on the examination table.
  • After that, a cardiac sonographer will place adhesive electrodes on the patient’s upper chest and connect him to the ECG machine. The purpose of connecting the patient to the machine is for monitoring the heart and recording the heart’s electrical activity.
  • The cardiac sonographer may turn off the light so that the images on the monitor are clearer and more visible.
  • Next, he will apply an ECG gel to the patient’s chest. The gel helps the probe or transducer to get images of the heart, its structures, and its tissues.
  • After that, the cardiac sonographer will move the transducer across the patient’s chest and, at the same time, evaluate the reflection of the sound waves or vibration.
  • When the cardiac sonographer has finished the examination, he will wipe off the echo gel. After that, the patient can put on their top clothing back.
  • The patient will get the printed images or the recording of their heart examination almost immediately after the test. Next, he must give the result to the cardiologist.


Below is another fact about the 2D echo test.

How Long Does 2D Echo Take?

The cardiac sonographer generally needs 30 minutes to an hour to perform this test. This procedure is 100% safe and painless. Moreover, during the examination, the cardiac sonographer will be under the supervision of a cardiologist and a radiologist.

The 2D echo test is an essential part of the heart abnormality examination. This test is painless and non-invasive. Therefore, patients do not need to be nervous when they are having the procedure. In addition, the 2D echo price in the Philippines is quite affordable.

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