Drug Test Price Philippines

How much should you pay to get the most accurate result from a drug test in the Philippines?

Drug test price Philippines start from ₱8 – ₱15,000 in hospital or clinic. There’s a cheaper options for drug test is rapid at home start from ₱349 .

Here are the details of the drug test price Philippines.

Why Do You Need A Drug Test

A drug test is going to search for signs of prescription or illegal drugs.

When you are looking for details about drug test price Philippines, you’ll figure out that a sample of sweat, hair, saliva, blood, or urine is necessary for a drug test.

The goal is to find any drug misuse and use.

A drug test is going to check for a group of drugs or a single drug in your body.

Usually, drug tests will test alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, steroid, phencyclidine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, amphetamines, and so on.

You may have to take the test when looking for a job or to get legal evidence.

How Much Is The Drug Test Packages

You may wonder about the urine drug test price Philippines since it is the most common drug test.

Each medical center provides drug test packages in different price ranges.

The average drug test price in many Philippines diagnostic centers ranges between ₱250 and ₱450 or even higher.

Drug tests in many medical centers may have higher drug test price Philippines.

The drug test may be included in the screening package, pre-employment package, and other packages. Choose a drug test package that meets your own purpose.

Types Of Drug Test Price List

There are five different types of drug tests depending on the sample type.

Each type of drug test has a different price. For example, check out the hair follicle drug test cost and other drug test costs below.

Types of Drug TestsDescriptionPrice Range
Hair drug testingUsing your hair strand as a sample₱15,500
Urine drug testUsing urine as a sample for a drug test₱40 to ₱100 for a single drug test
Urine drug testUsing urine as a sample for a drug test₱1,750 to ₱11,035 for a urine drug test package
Blood drug testDrug testing that uses blood as a sampleStarts from ₱250
Saliva drug testA mouth swab drug test you can do by yourselfStarts from ₱8
Sweat drug testA drug test that uses sweat as a sampleStarts from ₱33.15

Drug test price Philippines at every hospital may be different. You need to request a price list detail from the hospital where you want to get a drug test.

List Of Hospital And Clinics With Drug Test

Many hospitals, clinics, and medical centers in the Philippines offer drug test services at different price ranges.

Below is the list of reputable hospitals, clinics, and medical centers that offer drug test services.

  1. Hi Precision Diagnostic Center

This diagnostic center offers various services, including drug tests, diagnostic tests, home services, rapid tests, blood tests, vaccines, and so on.

Hi Precision also offers consultation services from many specialized doctors. How much is drug test in Philippines Hi Precision? It starts from ₱350.

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  1. ACE Diagnostics

Just like Hi Precision, ACE Diagnostics also offers various services that include chest X-rays, creatinine, FBS blood sugar, urinalysis, fecalysis, and so on.

Urinalysis drug test price Philippines at ACE Diagnostics starts from ₱80.

  1. Centralle Medical Diagnostics

Urine tests, blood uric acid, creatinine, sodium, albumin, chloride, and total calcium are some tests you can get from Centralle Medical Diagnostics.

This diagnostic center has so many branches in the country. You can find a branch of this diagnostic center in Balagtas, Caloocan, Camarin, Dau, and other cities.

  1. DNA Solutions Philippines

This medical facility’s main focus is DNA testing. But you can find other treatments here, including drug testing.

Those who work in this medical facility are very professionals. DNA Solutions Philippines also have enough experience which means you can get an accurate drug test result here.

  1. Easy DNA

Just like the previous one, Easy DNA also offers drug testing.

Easy DNA will use your hair for drug testing.

Hair analysis is going to detect drugs accurately.

The results will be available between 3 and 5 working days. How much drug test cost here? The price range starts from ₱15,500.

Rapid Test Kit Price Philippines

As mentioned above, some types of drug tests allow you to perform a drug test at home. However, you need to get a test kit that will help you get the drug test result.

The price of a drug test kit varies, depending on the brand and quality.

The one from JOYSBIO costs ₱349 for each test kit.

There is also a package of test kits that contains 25 pieces of the test kit.

The price of this test kit package starts from ₱12,500.

Choose the most reasonable drug test price Philippines to get the most accurate result.

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