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Hi Precision Price Philippines – Are you looking for a place to have a medical test? Now you can do medical tests at the nearest Hi Precision in your city.

Hi Precision has many spread across various cities, for example for the provincial branches, namely Hi Precision Cebu and Pampanga.

Hi Precision Package 

Hi-Precision Diagnostics is one of the largest laboratories in the Philippines. Here, you can get various medical test services, such as imaging, laboratory tests, multispecialty doctor’s clinics, and other medical test services that are not available in the Philippines.

The technology that we use to carry out tests keeps abreast of the latest advances so that we always provide medical test services in laboratories with the most advanced equipment.

Hi Precision provide several test packages as well, include:

·      Annual Test Packages

This package accepts a variety of medical tests, such as standard check-up, routine check-up, to executive health care. The test services we provide are available in several packages according to your needs and budget.

·      Pre Employment Packages

Take a medical check-up at Hi Precision to meet pre-employment requirements as a candidate for your dream company.

·      Pregnancy Test Packages

Are you a mother-to-be? This medical test package is perfect for you. Come to the nearest Hi Precision to check the health of you and your baby.

Hi Precision Price And Types In Hospital 

All Hi Precision branches in the Philippines provide various medical test services. They can provide laboratory tests, diagnostic tests, and vaccines. If you need a consultation with a doctor, we also have them in all Hi Precision branches.

Hi Precision cost listed in the following list are distinguished by the type of laboratory test, diagnostics, and consultation fees with a doctor.

  • Vaccine

All Hi Precision branches provide vaccine services. Please visit the nearest branch to get immunization needs for your body. For a price list, see the following table.

Types of VaccinePrice
Flu (Quadrivalent)₱1,450
Hepatitis A ₱3,990
Hepatitis B₱1,590
Pneumococcal (Lifetime protection)₱5,550
Pneumococcal 23 (5 Years protection)₱3,286
  • Blood Test

You can do blood tests in various branches of hi precision. Blood tests that can be served include BUN, CBC, CD4 Count, DNA Test, FBS, FT3, FT4, HB1C, HDL, SPGT, and TSH.

The following is the price of a blood test based on the type of test. But, please contact the nearest Hi Precision contact for more details.

Blood TestPrice
  • Antigen Rapid Test

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, the Hi Precision branch has provided rapid tests. You can go to the nearest branch to get a test if you think you are infected. The price range for rapid tests at Hi Precision is ₱660.

  • RT PCR Swab Test

Apart from the rapid test, you can also do the RT PCR swab test at the Hi Precision branch. The latest price for the RT PCR swab test is ₱2,800 for booth swab, ₱3,800 for home service, and ₱2,640 for senior citizen or PWD.

  • Diagnostic Test

Branches provide diagnostic tests, but not all branches have the same service. In general, the diagnostic tests available at the Hi Precision branch include:

  1. 2D Echo
  2. CT Scan
  3. ECG
  4. Home Sleep Test
  5. ICG
  6. Mammography
  7. Vascular Studies
  8. Ultrasound
  9. X-Ray; for chest x-rays prices start from ₱400 to ₱500.
  10. Drug Test

The price for a drug test at Hi Precision starts from 250, this price may be different. Please contact the nearest branch to ask for the latest price list.

How Much Hi Precision Home Service in Philippines

You can also order Hi Precision home service to carry out medical tests. That way, you can arrange an appointment with the nearest branch from where you live to come to your house.

The price of a home service test depends on the length of time the test results will come out.

  • 24 – 36 hours; price at ₱4,300
  • 48 – 72 hours; price at ₱4,000

For more details regarding ordering home services and price offers, you can call 8741 7777 and press 2.

Originally posted 2023-01-28 16:31:09.

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