Urine Culture Price Philippines

Curious about the cost of a urine culture price Philippines? Look no further!

A urine culture is a diagnostic test used to identify the presence of bacteria or other microorganisms in the urine.

It plays a crucial role in detecting urinary tract infections (UTIs) and guiding appropriate treatment.

In the Philippines, the price for a urine culture may vary depending on the healthcare provider and location, typically ranging from ₱1,300 .

Wondering if a urine culture can detect sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or streptococcus (strep) infections? Read on to find out!

What Is the Purpose of a Urine Culture?

The main objective of urine cultures is to identify urinary tract infections.

This kind of infection occurs when bacteria enter the tube that brings urine out of the body called the urethra.

Urine culture price Philippines is relatively affordable in government and private hospitals.

Identifying the presence of yeast and bacteria in your urethra helps the physician determine the best and most effective treatment.

It also helps them decide if the type of bacteria is resistant to certain types of antibiotics. Urine culture test price Philippines may vary depending on the clinics or hospitals.

Types of Urine Culture

A urine culture detects and identifies the presence of yeasts and bacteria in the urine so that the physician can find the most effective treatment.

Urine cultures are different from urinalysis.

While urine cultures can identify specific bacteria, urinalysis can detect pregnancy, drug abuse, and more.

There is only one type of urine culture test.

It requires a urine sample and professionals will perform a screening for the presence of white and red blood cells and bacteria that indicates a urinary tract infection.

This is why the urine culture price Philippines is different from the urinalysis price.

Urine Culture Price in Philippines

Urine culture and sensitivity price Philippines may vary on the healthcare provider.

The average urine culture price Philippines is ₱1,300 but the real price in your nearby hospital may be higher or lower depending on the pricing rate.

This price is relatively affordable but still, you can take advantage of the health card discount.

Take advantage of HMO companies that may offer special benefits for the test so you can get a better urine culture price.

It is also necessary to inquire whether the health card covers the test. 

Major hospitals in the Philippines offer the urine culture service when requested.

Some healthcare centers and diagnostic clinics may also accommodate test requests based on the patients’ needs.

Inquire about the service and urine culture test price in your nearby hospital


Can a Urine Culture Detect a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)?

No. A urine culture cannot identify sexually transmitted infections.

Instead, healthcare providers can perform a urinalysis test to detect the signs of STIs.

Urinalysis prices may be different from urine drug test price Philippines.

Inquire about urine culture price Philippines before walking to the clinic.

A few years ago, healthcare providers used bacterial culture to diagnose chlamydia or gonorrhea but it was not a urine culture.

They cultured cells inside the urethra to identify the presence of STI signs.

But today, the testing uses fluid from the penis or vagina.

Can a Urine Culture Detect Streptococcus (strep) Infections

A urine culture can detect group B strep bacteria that live in the digestive and urinary systems.

However, this group of bacteria is the less common cause of urinary tract infections.

Group B strep bacteria are more likely to cause infection in pregnant women.

Urine culture price Philippines may vary.

When your healthcare providers detect the presence of group B strep bacteria in pregnant women, they may prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection.

Administering antibiotics before the labor is critical to prevent the bacteria from passing to the newborn.

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