Thyroid Ultrasound Price Philippines

Thyroid ultrasound price philippines – A thyroid ultrasound is a diagnostic test that uses sound waves to create images of the thyroid gland.

It is a non-invasive procedure that is often used to detect thyroid nodules, cysts, or other abnormalities.

Usually, ultrasound is used by obstetricians to check the condition of the fetus in the uterus.

Meanwhile, thyroid ultrasound can be used to check for thyroid disorders in your body. Some things such as tumors, nodules, or cysts will be known through an ultrasound thyroid.

The price of a thyroid ultrasound in the Philippines can vary depending on the location and the facility where the procedure is performed.

Factors such as the experience of the radiologist and the type of equipment used can also affect the cost.

Why Do You Need Thyroid Ultrasound?

Do you have to do this? The answer depends on your condition.

Usually, the doctor will suggest doing a thyroid ultrasound when the results of your thyroid test are suspicious and some things are not normal.

The doctor suspects that there is an abnormal growth of the thyroid and needs an ultrasound to see and give an idea of how your organs are.

If you feel pain and swelling, the doctor will suggest a thyroid ultrasound to be sure.

Even in special procedures, the doctor must see the growth of your thyroid tissue before performing surgery. The doctor will also find out what symptoms cause the thyroid to enlarge.

How Much is Thyroid Ultrasound in Hospital?

Almost all hospitals have an ultrasound of the thyroid which will help you find out the condition of your body.

Hospitals in the Philippines vary in price and consultation fees.

Thyroid scan price Philippines range from ₱ 2,000 to ₱ 5,000 or even more. You can choose a hospital or government facility to get a lower price.

Usually, private hospitals have higher prices.

Polymed + Medical Service

TestThyroid Glad Ultrasound
Price ₱ 800.00
Intended use Used to assess the size and location of abnormalities in the throid such as cysts, nodules, and tumors

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Thyroid Ultrasound in the Philippines

Several factors will affect the cost of a different thyroid ultrasound, this is seen from the patient’s physical condition and the results of consultation with the doctor.

A thyroid ultrasound should be done on the recommendation of a doctor.

Factors that make the price of thyroid ultrasound different such as tumor location, tumor growth, or additional actions needed during the ultrasound process.

Even though an ultrasound does not cause pain, under certain conditions the doctor will suggest an action according to your condition.

This scanning process uses a radioactive iodine isotope which will be injected into the arm vein and the results will be visible on a computer screen. The more actions the doctor performs, the more expensive the ultrasound thyroid price will be.

But don’t worry, because doctors only recommend additional actions in special conditions. If your thyroid is in good condition, the doctor only needs to see its growth and you won’t feel pain from the needle.

Apart from the condition, you can also get cheaper thyroid ultrasound prices because the procedure is easier.

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Thyroid Ultrasound

For those of you who need a thyroid ultrasound, you don’t need to worry about rising costs. You can choose a government facility or hospital to get a more affordable price.

Even some clinics and hospitals have discounts for senior citizens by showing an ID card. If you want to do it at a private hospital, make sure you have an HMO card to get a discount.

Before you decide to do a thyroid ultrasound, you should first consult with a specialist. If the doctor suspects an abnormal growth of thyroid tissue, you will be advised to have an ultrasound of the thyroid.

However, if you are in prime condition and the growth of thyroid tissue is normal, then the doctor will not recommend an ultrasound.

If you have complaints of pain and swelling, immediately consult a specialist to do a thyroid ultrasound. After getting the results, the doctor will immediately perform surgery or special measures to remove the tumor.

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