6 Type of Biopsy Price Philippines

Biopsy Price Philippines – Biopsy is a medical procedure by taking tissue samples to be examined using a microscope. Doctors usually recommend a biopsy for initial examination if there is an odd tissue in a certain part of the body.

Why Do You Need Biopsy?

Biopsy is important to do to help doctors diagnose a disease more quickly so they can carry out appropriate treatment or therapy for the patient.

In addition, a biopsy is also performed to assess the progress of the disease and its treatment.

For example, such as diagnosing cancer or the spread of cancer in the patient’s body

6 Types of Biopsy 

The following are several types of biopsies to take tissue samples in the body:

1. Core needle biopsy

There are 2 methods of needle biopsy, namely fine needle biopsy and core needle biopsy. A core needle biopsy is performed to take the patient’s dark tissue in a larger size than a fine needle biopsy.

2. Skin biopsy

There are several types of skin biopsy:

  • Punch biopsy

The doctor uses a razor-like instrument to remove a small amount of the top layer of skin.

  • Shave biopsy

The doctor uses a special surgical instrument shaped like a small tube to remove skin tissue, including the deeper layers of the skin.

  • Excisional biopsy.

The doctor uses a scalpel to remove lumps on the skin or areas of skin that are not normal.

4. Endoscopic biopsy

The way to take tissue samples is to insert a thin elastic tube into the body. At the end is a light and a camera and cutting tool for taking samples.

5. Surgical biopsy

This biopsy is done during the operation process where under certain conditions the doctor will take tissue samples for examination, so that after the results appear, the doctor can determine the next steps for treatment.

6. Bone marrow biopsy

A bone marrow biopsy aims to detect blood disorders, such as leukemia, lymphoma, or anemia.

Some organs that can take tissue samples include the lungs, breast. brain, rectum, testicles, stomach, pancreas, uterus, ovaries, and more.

How much Biopsy cost in Philippines

The cost of a biopsy can vary depending on the type of biopsy performed and the health facility.

1. Ordinary Biopsy

Biopsy cost Philippines ranges from ₱600 to ₱4000.

However, if the biopsy is more specific and more difficult, the price can be more expensive, ranging from ₱10,000 to ₱27,000.

2. Special Biopsy

The price of a biopsy can be more expensive if special tools are needed to take tissue samples.

Biopsy which is done with special examinations such as mammograms, CT scans, and ultrasound costs will be higher.

The following table is a list of biopsy prices at government hospitals:

Biospy Small₱500
Biospy Large₱1,000
Extra Large₱1,200
bone marrow Biopsy price Philippines₱600 – ₱1,200
Breast Biopsy Price Philippines₱3,750
CT Guided Biospy₱7,000
Stereotatic Biopsy₱6,000
Rectal Biopsy₱135
Punch Biopsy₱800

3. Biopsy for Cancer Detection

Often, a biopsy is used to detect cancer early. The type of biopsy that can be used is a core needle biopsy.

In government hospitals, core needle Biopsy price Philippines cost from ₱3,600, while in private hospitals it starts from ₱6,000.

Cost of Excision Biospsy 

Skin Biopsy price Philippines include excision biopsy start from ₱1,000 to ₱5,680.

Factors that affect Biopsy price

Cost of Biopsy in Philippines is affected by several factors, such as the type of biopsy, the tools used, the treatment performed, the level of difficulty, and the doctor’s diagnosis.

For example, thyroid Biopsy price Philippines will be different than for a lung Biopsy price Philippines or prostate Biopsy price Philippines.

Options For Reducing The Cost Of A Biopsy

The high price of a biopsy makes some people think twice about doing it. Because it is a special test, some HMO cards may not include a biopsy.

But if you are the Patient’s insurance coverage, you can ask the hospital so that costs can be reduced by using an HMO card.

Hosptial List That Provides Biopsy In Philippines

In order to prepare a budget, you can ask the following hospitals for the cost of a biopsy.

Metro ManilaAsian Hospital and Medical Center
Metro ManilaCapitol Medical Center
Metro ManilaFe Del Mundo Medical Center
Metro ManilaFEU Hospital Quezon City
Metro ManilaJose Reyes Memorial Medical Center
Metro ManilaLung Center of the Philippines
Metro ManilaMakati Medical Center
Metro ManilaManilamed
Metro ManilaManila Doctors Hospital
Metro ManilaPhilippine General Hospital
Metro ManilaProvidence Hospital
CaviteDe Las Salle University Medical Center
CebuCebu Doctors University Hospital (Cebudoc)
CebuChong Hua Hospital
CebuPerpetual Succour Hospital Cebu
CebuVicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center
DavaoDavao Regional Medical Center
DavaoSouthern Philippines Medical Center

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