Pulmonary Clearance Price Philippines

The pulmonary clearance price Philippines starts from ₱2,500 in public hospitals. Meanwhile, the cost of this procedure in private hospitals is much more than that.

What is Pulmonary Clearance Therapy?

Pulmonary clearance therapy is respiratory care to clear secretions or mucus.

Therefore, the gas exchange in patients’ lungs will improve so they can absorb more oxygen and effectively remove carbon dioxide.

What is Pulmonary Clearance Test?

A pulmonary clearance test is a procedure to evaluate a patient’s lung condition and overall health.

The pulmonary clearance price Philippines for this test may be higher than the therapy.

Uses of Pulmonary Clearance

Many hospitals in the Philippines provide pulmonary clearance therapy and test for various medical purposes.

These procedures are non-invasive and do not cause discomfort for patients.

Moreover, the pulmonary clearance price Philippines is affordable so most Filipino citizens can have it. 

However, they must have a better understanding of these procedures before having them so they know what to expect from them.

Doctors do these two procedures for different purposes.

  1. The use of pulmonary clearance therapy is for clearing the lungs of mucus and secretions. Those who need this therapy are patients with cystic fibrosis, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, and other lung conditions.
  1. The benefit of having pulmonary clearance therapy for those patients is lowering their risks of infection, dyspnea, and other respiratory issues. Moreover, pulmonary clearance price Philippines is affordable to have.
  1. The use of pulmonary clearance tests is for assessing patients’ lungs’ condition and general health before surgeries. This assessment allows doctors to predict complications during and after surgeries. It also lets them measure patients’ recovery ability after surgeries.

Procedure Pulmonary Clearance

Human bodies have a natural ability to clear their lungs from physical and chemical particles through coughing, sneezing, and urinating.

However, those who suffer from certain respiratory conditions generally have a lower ability in clearing their lungs.

This condition will not only worsen their overall health but also cause them to have higher risks of complications when undergoing surgeries.

As a result, they need a pulmonary clearance procedure.

This test requires patients to follow various testing. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Pulmonary Function Test: During this test, doctors will ask patients to breathe into a particular machine to measure the lung volume.
  2. Arteria blood gas analysis procedure: In this procedure, a medical professional needs a pulmonary clearance sample in the form of blood to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.
  3. MRI Scan
  4. Chest X-Ray

Types of Pulmonary Clearance

This therapy comes in various types.

1.Chest Physiotherapy

This procedure will not only clear secretions from the lungs but also strengthens respiratory muscles and improve ventilation. 

2.High-Frequency Chest Wall Compression

Patients with cystic fibrosis use this therapy to loosen and mobilize mucus for removal. During this therapy, they must wear an inflatable vest.

Doctors will connect this vest to a machine that provides intermittent compression.

3.Autogenic Drainage

It is a pulmonary clearance therapy that uses different speeds of breathing at different volumes to remove mucus and secretion from the lungs.

Pulmonary Clearance Price Philippines

How much is pulmonary clearance cost? In the Philippines, this cost depends on where the patient gets the procedure and other factors.

Getting the pulmonary clearance test or therapy in public hospitals will surely help patients get a lower pulmonary clearance price Philippines.

Below is the 2023 pulmonary clearance price Philippines list.

Procedure Description Price
Inpatient Cardio Pulmonary Examination Package (including pulmonary clearance test) in the Philippine Heart CenterStarts from ₱26,400 for one night
Outpatient Cardio Pulmonary Package for adults in the Philippine Heart CenterStarts from ₱4,600
Outpatient Cardio Pulmonary Package for kids in the Philippine Heart CenterStarts from ₱7,500
COPD in Davao Doctors Hospital, including chest X-ray, pulmonary function test, and CBCStarts from ₱2,500
CP (cardiopulmonary) Clearance doctor fee only in the National Kidney and Transplant institute₱850
CP Clearance doctor fee only in Negros Polymedic Hospital₱600

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