Infusion Pump Price Philippines

Infusion pump price Philippines offers you numerous options because you can find quality medical devices at affordable prices here.

It has a crucial impact on medical treatments because it delivers specific fluids and medications to improve patients’ health.

Infusion pumps usually come with a compact design and have various purposes. Infusion pump Philippines has specific features and advantages.

With so many types available in the market, knowing infusion pump types and their price allow you to select the best type based on specific medical needs.

What is Infusion Pump?

An infusion pump is a medical device that transfers medications, nutrients, fluids, blood products, and other medical treatments to the patient body, precisely into the bloodstream.

This device comes in various options, you can find infusion pumps that still require regular checks to ensure the dose.

Currently, you can find smart pumps. They are more advanced versions of infusion pumps because of a programmable computerized system.

It features a drug library allowing nurses to check the medication dose that people often tell a dose error-reduction system. 

Smart infusion pumps can deliver the medication and intravenous fluids at specific present parameters, based on prescribed dose and concentration.

Most infusion pumps available in the market belong to an IV infusion pump type.

Infusion Pump Uses

The function of infusion pump is to infuse medications, nutrients, and fluids, into the patient’s body which is the circulatory system.

Some have specific designs primarily for stationary uses and placed at the bedside. It provides patients with a substantial capacity for medications.

The medications delivered using infusion pumps can be insulin, antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, pain relievers, and various hormones.

Different functions of this device will affect an infusion pump price Philippines.

Types of Infusion Pump

You can find numerous infusion pumps so you need several considerations to choose the best one that suits your needs. Here are three popular infusion pump types and a brief guide you can use to know more about them.

Types of Infusion Pump image

1.Syringe Infusion Pump

A syringe pump is the most common to find in medical settings. It infuses medication with persistent volume at a prescribed rate. This type features a syringe that controls medication delivery.

Other syringe functions are holding the fluid and managing fluid delivery through a movable piston. 

This type supports different syringe sizes with the help of an additional syringe pump. Syringe pumps only deliver small quantities of medication and have low volumes.

That is why it is more suitable for hormone delivery. Besides, nurses often use a syringe pump one babies or young patients.

2.Volumetric Infusion Pump

Volumetric infusion pumps infuse parenteral and enteral nutrition continuously or occasionally by using specific medical access channels.

This type supports various medical access channels like intravenous, subcutaneous, arterial, epidural, and enteral delivery methods.

Intravenous drip seems more famous among delivery methods supported by volumetric infusion pumps. 

Intravenous drip meaning is a slow and continuous medical liquids supply to the vein using a needle hooked to a raised pouch.

For a better user experience, you even can find volumetric infusion pumps that come with automated IV pumps.

This type also can deliver drugs prescribed for infusion therapy. Other medications for this type are anesthetics, analgesics, sedatives, blood components, and many more.

3.Feeding Infusion Pump

As its name, the feeding infusion pump primarily provides hydration and enteral feeding to patients. 

Infusion pump price Philippines for feeding type is still acceptable but you need to pay attention to its function and features.

The feeding infusion pump aims to supply hydration fluids and nourishment to the patients. It performs its function through a tube so it is not a device which uses an air pump.

Instead, it uses a feeding tube linked to the feeding bag.

Not an air pump, this device is generally a peristaltic pump specifically designed for delivering enteral feeding.

It holds a specific nutrient volume for patients at a prescribed flow rate. Its design supports fluid delivery via skin or trans-nasal passage.

Infusion Pump Price List in Philippines

Infusion pump price Philippines varies depending upon the types and functions. The benefits and features of each type can affect the price as well.

Each infusion type has advantages and disadvantages that you must deliberate before buying a specific device type.

If you work in medical settings in the Philippines and are in charge of buying medical equipment, you must know the prices in the market.

Below is the list of infusion pump prices based on the types at average rates that you can find in many Philippines medical stores or online vendors.

NoTypes Infusion Pump Price
1Syringe infusion pump₱ 79,600
2B Braun infusion pump₱ 42,100
3Volumetric infusion pump₱ 21,100
4Feeding infusion pump₱ 59,200
5Terumo infusion pump₱ 43,500
6IV infusion pump₱ 80,000

Although infusion prices are slightly affordable in the Philippines, it belongs to expensive medical equipment.

You must ensure the specific types, functions, and sizes with the hospital authorities where you work before buying this device.

Infusion pump price Philippines is something essential to consider before buying. Comparing the price from one store to another will help you find the specific type at a more acceptable price that is in line with the quality.

Understanding the types, sizes, and functions helps you to be a wise shopper.

Read the reviews on the vendor for the specific infusion pump you want to buy because it gives you an idea of whether the product is worth buying.

Discussing with hospital authorities where you work is also the key to buying the best ones.

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