Triangular Bandage Price and Sizes Philippines

Some injuries like fractures and minor wounds can be better with the help of bandages and dressings. That’s why bandages should always be inside the first-aid bag or kit you have. If you don’t have any bandages, you may need some details about the triangular bandage price and how to use it.

Bandages themselves come in so many different types. Every single type of bandage has its purpose.

Depending on the depth and placement of the injury, every wound will need a specific bandage. Some bandages can cover the wound and support a bone, a limb, or a joint. Those are triangular bandages.

What Is Triangular Bandage

People also know a triangular bandage as a bandage sling or a triangular sling. This type of bandage is usually made of muslin or cotton cloth.

Triangular bandages are super-efficient and versatile. You can fold them into a sling or you can use them to provide pressure to a bleeding wound.

A triangular bandage is an essential part of your first-aid kit. This bandage should always be inside the first-aid kit in the prescribed condition and amount.

Not all injuries require emergency help and medical attention. In many cases, triangular bandages are everything you need to care for a minor wound.

This first aid triangular bandage is a unique bandage that has a triangle shape. You can use this bandage to immobilize a dislocated joint or a fracture.

You can also use the triangle bandage to control bleeding. This bandage will offer solid support to joints, bones, or muscles.

Triangular Bandage Uses

Before looking for details about the triangular bandage price, you need to know the uses of this bandage.

Triangular bandages are super versatile and are offering various uses. Below are some uses of a triangular bandage.

  1. Sling

The most common use of this triangular bandage is as a sling. You can turn this bandage into an arm sling.

And then use it to support the injuries on your hand or lower arm. Also, you can use this arm sling for fractures on the collarbones or ribs.

Similarly, you can even turn an underarm sling bandage into a special elevation sling. And then you can use it on finger or arm injuries.

This is going to keep the injured area in an elevated position.

  1. Head injuries bandage

Roller bandages are more popular for head injuries. But if there is no roller bandage, use a triangular bandage to treat head injuries.

This bandage provides a more loose option for an area around the top of someone’s head.

  1. Bleeding wounds solution

If someone experiences serious bleeding wounds, you can use one or two triangular bandages. Use them like a trauma pad.

Apply pressure on the serious bleeding wounds before emergency help comes.

Triangular Bandage Size

There are two different sizes of this triangular bandage. The first one is the standard size of the bandage and the second one is the bigger one. Most first-aid kits usually have the standard size instead of the larger one.

The 40x40x56 triangular bandage size in inches is the standard size that you can find in so many first-aid kits.

The bigger triangular bandages have bigger sizes than the 40-inch triangular bandages. You are free to get the standard one or the large one for your first-aid kit.

Parts of Triangular Bandage

Now, another thing you want to know about the bandage before checking the triangular bandage price is its parts.

There are three parts of a triangular bandage you should know. By understanding those parts of the bandage, you will know how to use the bandage properly.

  1. Base

The base is the longest part of each triangular bandage. The length of this base is 56 inches for the standard one and longer for the larger triangular bandages.

  1. Point

This part of a triangular bandage is the corner. The position of this point is directly opposite the base’s center.

  1. Ends

Each triangular bandage has two ends, those are the two corners at the ends of the base. You should know the difference between the point and end.

Types of Triangular Bandages

Now that you know the three parts of a triangular bandage, you can learn about the different triangular bandage types.

This is a super crucial thing you need to know before looking for the details about the triangular bandage price. Below are three different types of bandages from a triangular bandage.

  1. Sling

This first type is the triangular bandage you use in the open form. The bandage is going to serve as a sling and it is going to provide support.

This sling will support upper-body injuries like elbow fractures or shoulder fractures.

  1. Broad-fold bandage

Use this type of triangular bandage by folding down the point to the base. Fold the point twice and you will get a specific bandage that will support the lower-body injury such as knee fracture.

  1. Cravat bandage

Fold the base of a triangular bandage to the point over and over again until you get the width you desire.

The width of this bandage will be about 5 inches. You can use this cravat bandage to compress a wound and control bleeding.

Triangular Bandage Price List

The price of each triangular bandage varies, depending on the size of the bandage. Below are some different sizes of triangular bandage and their prices.

Size of the triangular bandageTriangular bandage price list
96x96x136 cm₱29
100x100x145 cm₱40
107×107152.5 cm₱45
35.5×35.5×50.8 cm₱57

Make sure that you learn every single detail about this triangular bandage before purchasing one. Since a bandage has various functions, you need to get one and put it in your first-aid box.

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