Surgical Gloves Price

Surgical gloves price – The surgical gloves price in The Philippines is important to know since they are highly needed for the execution. Here are the types and price list

Types of Surgical Gloves

1.Latex Surgical Gloves

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Latex gloves are natural gloves made from rubber. It is the most common gloves that you will see whenever you are around the hospital or clinic.

It is stretchable which makes it reliable to use for surgery. The protection level from these gloves is very high too.

The surgical gloves cost the latex ones are very affordable with a lot of protection that they claim.

Biohazards in the hospital and clinics are countless, so the rubber can be the shield for the hands.

Latex with that surgical gloves price, can prevent the skin from getting the inorganic chemicals.

Since it is made from natural rubber, the glove can give comfort to the people who use it.

You can move your hands and fingers easily. Latex is one of the low-cost surgical gloves price Philippines that offer high durability. For many hours of use, it is very cost-effective compared to other materials.

However, the low surgical gloves price from latex is the reason why some gloves have thinner grades.

The thinner the gloves, the less resistant the heat. Some people might have allergic reactions because of natural rubber material. Its life is only for three years maximum.

2.Nitrile Surgical Gloves

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Since some people are allergic to natural rubber, the companies make nitrile gloves. It is the synthetic version of the gloves.

This surgical gloves’ price is also affordable according to the thickness. Besides avoiding the allergy, you can choose the thickness as well.

The gloves can protect the hands from biohazards, greases, acids, and solvents. They are not easily worn out because of acid since the synthetic material is the main material of it. People who have allergies related to latex can wear these gloves comfortably.

The cost of disposable surgical gloves from nitrile is also affordable in the market. Yet, it offers longer shelf life up to five years.

You can wear the gloves for longer periods without worrisome that they will be worn out. However, you might feel the gloves are less comfortable than the real latex.

However, there are some disadvantages to wearing nitrile gloves. The surgical gloves price per box may be affordable, but they are not resistant to some chemicals, such as oxidizing acids and ketones.

This material is nonbiodegradable, so the gloves are not eco-friendly.

3.Vinyl Surgical Gloves

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Vinyl gloves are from PVC, so they are synthetic gloves. It can be a surgical glove in many medical cases.

This surgical gloves price is slightly higher than natural rubber. However, this material is important to use in heavy-duty cases in hospitals.

The PVC material can appear as blue surgical gloves or black surgical gloves because they have many color options.

They have high resistance to dust. So, it can be worn for the environment outside surgical activities.

These PVC gloves are also good for daily use because you can take off and put on the gloves easily.

For people who have a latex allergy, this glove material can be a good choice since the surgical gloves price from PVC is low in the market.

However, the disadvantage of these gloves is that the material is non-biodegradable. The thickness may be the reason why it is not sensitive enough.

Plus, it can tear easily if you choose thin gloves from this material.

Price of Surgical Gloves in The Philippines

The surgical gloves price can be different according to the uses and materials. Since it is for surgery, usually they are disposable and you have to buy them in a box.

For the complete price list, check some brands that are available in the Philippines’ e-commerce.

Brand and TypesPrice
TQTQ 100 pcs₱ 159
OREX Vinyl₱ 159
Cofoe TPE₱ 409
Hitome Clear Latex₱ 45
Crosspoint ₱ 130
Unimex Surgical Gloves₱ 22
Surgitech Latex₱ 19

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