Thermometer Price

Do we need to have a thermometer at home? Each family, especially with kids, should consider having a thermometer at home.

When a mom needs to check the body temperature of a child, she can use the thermometer. Check the latest thermometer price and more details about the device on this page.

Moms are usually not sure if their baby has a fever. If you are in this condition, you need to check the temperature of your little one using a thermometer.

In babies under 3 months of age, a fever is when the temperature is 38 degrees Celsius or more.

What Is Thermometer

A thermometer is a specific tool you use to measure the temperature of gases, liquids, or solids. You can also use a thermometer to measure a gradient of temperature, that is an object’s degree of hotness or coldness.

And a thermometer fever is something you use to measure body temperature.

A thermometer has two different components. The first one is the sensor that will detect the changes in temperature.

And then there is a device that is translating the change in temperature into meaningful values so that the user can read the temperature.

The display of a thermometer scanner is indicating various temperatures. But thermometers actually measure temperature changes.

A thermometer usually has a sensitive substance like a heat-sensitive coil, mercury, or others.  They will respond to temperature changes.

Thermometer Uses

There are many uses and applications of a thermometer. Before checking the thermometer price, you need to learn the uses and applications of thermometers first. You can use thermometers in the house, restaurants, industries, and automobiles.

Use a thermometer to measure the foods’ temperature during baking and cooking. You can also measure the temperature of the human body and the temperature of water and air. It is important to know the different types of temperatures before using any of them.

Types of Thermometer

Keep in mind that the function of thermometer varies, depending on the thermometer’s type. You need to use the right type of thermometer to measure different things. Below are some most famous temperatures you should know.

Types of Thermometer image

1.Digital Thermometer (Axillary Thermometer)

Some people know this type of thermometer as a clinical thermometer. This digital thermometer has a microchip that will measure metal resistance when determining temperature. This type of thermometer gets power from batteries.

People usually use a digital thermometer to check body temperature. Moms usually use this thermometer to recognize a fever.

Now, this digital thermometer becomes super famous because of the benefits they have.

2.Infrared Thermometer (Thermometer Gun)

Many people want to know the gun thermometer price because of the unique way it works. This thermometer will use an infrared scanner in measuring body temperature. It works like a gun, the thermometer will not touch the skin directly.

For many people, a gun thermometer or infrared thermometer is the easiest one to use. Unfortunately, the results you get may be inaccurate.

3.Rectal Thermometer

This is a type of thermometer that is super accurate when it comes to measuring someone’s temperature, especially the temperature of small kids and infants.

To get the most accurate measurement, you need to insert the thermometer into the kid’s anus gently and then wait for a minute.

The readings you will see are going to indicate a fever depending on the age of your kid. You need to call the pediatrician if the temperature reaches 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit in babies under 3 months.

If your kids are older than 3 months and their temperatures reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit, call the doctor.

4.Mercury Thermometer

A mercury-in-glass thermometer is a dangerous tool. Hospitals stop using this type of thermometer years ago. This thermometer usually use of room thermometer.

You may figure out that it is hard to find this type of thermometer anywhere. The glass can break and release some small glass shards and mercury that is highly poisonous.

5.Tympanic Thermometer (Ear Thermometer)

This thermometer will take the temperature of a child instantly. Moms who have active kids love using this thermometer.

However, an ear thermometer can be pricey and the reading can be inaccurate if you don’t place the thermometer correctly inside the ear. Check this thermometer price below.

6.Oral Thermometer

The tongue thermometer will ease you in measuring the temperature of older kids. Your kids need to keep this oral thermometer under the tongue for a while.

Before and after using this thermometer, you need to use an alcohol thermometer wipe to disinfect the tool.

7.Oven Thermometer

The last type of thermometer is the spring thermometer. This one is using the contraction and expansion of a metal coil that is sensitive to heat in measuring temperature.

The coil has two bonded metals that have different thermal expansion coefficients.

There is also a pointer attached to this spring thermometer. The pointer will move based on the changes in temperature and will indicate the temperature on marked dials

. You can use this temperature for air conditioners, ovens, and other industrial devices.

Thermometer Price List

You may wonder how much is a thermometer you can use at home. Different prices are available for different types of thermometers. Below are some prices of thermometers you need to know. Or you can also check the latest price in the nearest pharmacy store.

Thermometer TypesThermometer Price Philippines
Infrared thermometer₱281
Automatic thermometer with alcohol spray₱1,069 to ₱1,188
Ear thermometer₱417
Baby rectal thermometer₱1,500
Oral thermometer₱70
Oven thermometer₱49 to ₱252
Digital thermometer₱119

The thermometer price list above is for products available online. Before purchasing one, make sure that you know the right type you want to buy and its function.

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