Tampon Price

Some women are still wearing sanitary pads for their period. Other women prefer using tampons to sanitary pads or menstrual cups.

What about you? You may be curious about the tampon price Philippines. But first, you need to learn about the other details of tampons.

Women who prefer wearing tampons for their periods say that tampons offer freedom that will make you more confident. T

ampons don’t leak so you can do anything you like. However, it doesn’t mean using tampons is free from any problems. Check the deeper details on this page.

What Is Tampon

One thing you need to know before checking the latest price of tampons is tampon meaning. Tampons are a method of absorbing women’s menstrual flow during their period. The manufacturers design the tampons in unique shapes so that women can insert the tampons into their vaginas.

Women can use an applicator to insert the tampons into the vagina. Other women don’t need to use any applicator. They can put the tampons easily, directly into their body. However, if this is your first time using tampons, you may want to put it in using an applicator.

What Is Tampon Used For

Some women want to know how to put a tampon into their bodies. This is normal since using tampons for the first time can be scary.

You may even wonder if tampons are safe or not. One unique fact about tampons is that the FDA is now regulating tampons as medical devices.

FDA states that tampons are safe to be used by women during their period, to absorb their menstrual flow.

But women who choose to wear tampons should use tampons one time and then throw them away. No one can use one tampon more than once.

You may want to know the current tampon price Philippines. But tampons come in different sizes and each size may come at different prices.

You should know which size is the right one for you before purchasing or ordering the tampons online.

Tampon Size

Those who are new to tampons need to know the different sizes of Shanon tampons and then choose one in the right size.

There are different crucial factors you should consider when you are choosing the best size of tampons. One of those factors is the absorbent of each tampon.

However, there are at least three different sizes of opium tampons. Those three sizes are light tampons, regular tampons, and supersize tampons.

What are the differences? The difference is in the ability of each tampon to absorb the menstrual fluid.

Tampon Sizes image
  • Light tampons can hold up to 3 ml of menstrual fluid
  • Regular tampons have bigger capacity, up to 5 ml.
  • Supersize tampons are the biggest one among the three types. This one can hold 12 ml of menstrual fluid.

Some brands offer tampons with higher absorbent sizes. The super plus tampons for example can hold 15 ml of menstrual fluid. And then ultra tampons can hold 18 ml of menstrual fluid. You need to know your menstrual flow before purchasing the right tampons in the right size.

Tampon Price List in Philippines

After knowing what tampons are and the different sizes of tampons, you are ready to know the tampon price Philippines.

Many brands are offering tampons in different sizes and they offer different prices. Below are the most famous brands of tampons in the Philippines and their prices.

Tampons BrandsProduct DetailsTampon Price Philippines
Ladouce Mini, 16 pcs₱139
Tampax Regular, 10 pcs₱190
SatessaSupersize, 56 pcs₱600
Fjer Light, 16 pcs₱149
Kotex URegular, 32 pcs₱538
Wondercare Regular, 16 pcs₱129
Mungerir Regular, 16 pcs₱145
PlaytexSupersize, 8 pcs₱175
CarrefourRegular, 20 pcs₱280
NalaSupersize, 16 pcs₱424
NalaRegular, 16 pcs₱347
SatessaRegular, 80 pcs₱600

If you are planning to purchase tampons from a local pharmacy, research what is tampons in Tagalog first before heading to an offline store. Before purchasing tampons or placing your order, learn about the cons and pros of using tampons first.

Tampons Advantages and Disadvantages

There are so many advantages to wearing tampons. But you shouldn’t make any decision before reading about the disadvantages of tampons.

Tampons offer comfort, better hygiene, no visibility, and some other advantages. Here are the details.

  • Most women feel comfortable wearing tampons. Tampons allow them to stay more active. They don’t worry about falling out of place anymore.
  • Tampons make some women feel cleaner. A tampon for menstruation doesn’t make them conscious about their flow. Sanitary pads are messier than tampons.
  • Tampons are unlike sanitary pads, they let you swim even though you are in period. The comfort you get by wearing tampons is also higher than the comfort of a sanitary pad.

Tampons also have some disadvantages. The first one is it is hard to use. Some women don’t even want to try it because they are too scared to put the product inside their bodies.

Tampons are not eco-friendly because their polypropylene is not biodegradable.


There are some other questions asked by women who are curious about tampons. Here are the questions and the answer:

Can I Swim on My Period Without a Tampon

You can swim during your period even if you don’t use any menstrual products like tampons, sanitary pads, or menstrual cups. But you need to know that you may have bleeding and people will see it when you walk around the pool.

Can Virgins Use Tampon

Any women and girls who have their period can use sanitary pads and tampons. The tampons will work well for women who have had sex and girls who are still virgins.

All details above, about the tampons price Philippines, sizes of tampons, and others will help you decide whether tampons are a great option or not.

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