Wheelchair Price and Types Philippines

Wheelchair price often defines its quality and design. Wheelchairs are available in various types since their first commercial productions.

Now, manufacturers have improved the wheelchairs designs to meet the need of different patients. You can find simple and manual wheelchairs to electric and sophisticated ones.

Wheelchair Philippines offers numerous options which make people beyond this country buy it. You even can find wheelchair types that you rarely find.

Knowing more about wheelchair types, functions, benefits and weaknesses can help you to make the right decision for your loved ones.

What is Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a device that looks like a normal chair but has wheels to ease the move. It helps patients or people with incapability or difficulty walking due to injury, age, illness, or disability. 

For instance, the photo of Duterte on wheelchair was fake and inappropriate because he was in good condition and walked normally.

Use of Wheelchair

A wheelchair promotes better mobility and improves people life quality by helping them with difficulties in walking.

Some people experience specific conditions that make them unable to walk. Therefore, they can sit in a wheelchair with another person who pushes it from behind to help them move from one place to another.

Wheelchair Types

Wheelchairs are available in numerous types. Each type has a different function and comes with a specific wheelchair price.

Below is a list of several wheelchair types with their functions to help you choose the right one based on your needs.

Wheelchair Types image

1.Manual Wheelchairs

As its name, manual wheelchairs require manual operation with people’s hands. You can grab the handle around the wheels to move it. You can stand behind and push it to help people who need it.

Most likely, you can find the handles behind the backrest. A commode wheelchair belongs to the manual type.

2.Electric Wheelchair

An electric wheelchair is also popular as a powered wheelchair. It uses batteries as the power source and moves using controls. 

A power wheelchair is an alternative to manual wheelchairs that require assistance from a person to push it or move it using their hands. That is why the electric wheelchair price is higher than the manual type.

3.Pediatric Wheelchairs

Pediatric wheelchairs are specific types for children so they have smaller sizes than standard wheelchair dimensions.

Some even have technology features to boost children’s confidence when interacting with friends. Besides facilitating specific mobility disorders, they have comfortable designs for children.

4.Positioning Wheelchairs

Positioning wheelchairs can move into various positions like reclining backward or raising and lowering the legs. This type can make transferring patient from bed to wheelchair even easier.

Since it supports mobility and positioning, it makes patients better circulation and prevents any sores, wounds, and bruises.

5.Sport Wheelchair

A sport wheelchair helps disabled athletes to perform sports like racing, basketball, and tennis. That is why this type comes in different sizes and shapes to meet each athlete’s needs.

For instance, wheelchairs for basketballs apply a slanted outward wheel to maintain athlete balance and support flexible upper body movement.

6.Wheelchair Racing

Wheelchair racing refers to a type specifically designed for athletes with a qualifying disability. Of course, this wheelchair price is higher than the standard type because athletes use it on the track or road race for the match. 

Operating a wheelchair racing requires a strong upper body to push the wheels by hand and longtime practice.

7.All-Terrain Wheelchairs

All-Terrain wheelchairs feature technologies like extended designs or bigger wheels to maintain balance when moving above uneven areas. 

Compared to other wheelchairs, the all-terrain type is heavier and more difficult to transport but it can help your loved ones to reach locations that other wheelchairs are incapable of.

8.Standing Power Wheelchairs

Standing power wheelchairs enable the wheelchair bound to move from a sitting to a standing position safely, conveniently, and automatically.

It provides navigation through a motorized wheelbase. It allows patients to stand anytime they need to reach any item or interact in a standing position in social settings.

9.Wheelchair Reclining

A wheelchair reclining enables the patient to recline conveniently at an increasing angle, without giving too much effort and energy.

This type can change in positioning and open the seat into a back angle to provide a more comfortable seating position than a conventional seating mechanism.

10.Motorized Wheelchair

A motorized wheelchair is a seating system with wheels attached to it and works by electrically based power sources that usually come from batteries and motors.

Since the operation relies upon the motors and batteries, the wheelchair price for motorized type is often higher than ones operated by people.

How Much Wheelchair

Wheelchair price in Cebu and other parts in the Philippines are still affordable compared to other countries. You can find information about wheelchair prices in this country if you or your loved one needs a specific wheelchair type. Below is the list of wheelchair price Philippines based on their type.

NoTypes of WheelchairPrice
1Manual wheelchair₱ 4,200
2Electric wheelchair₱ 65,000
3Pediatric wheelchair₱ 5,600
4Positioning wheelchair₱ 42,800
5Sport wheelchair₱ 32,000
6Racing wheelchair₱ 37,900
7Standing power wheelchair₱ 33,700
8Reclining wheelchair₱ 8,500
9All-Terrain wheelchair₱ 104,656
10Motorized wheelchair₱ 35,000

There are various wheelchair types for different functions, the most suitable wheelchair for you is the one that fits your personal needs.

Each type has its wheelchair price that represents the quality and comfort. The best wheelchair is not only providing help for your movement but also enhances your overall health.

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