Brace Price List Each Type in Philippines

The lowest brace price Philippines is ₱38,000. However, it doesn’t include prep examination and follow-up examination costs.

The Philippines has numerous top dental clinics capable of providing the best dental brace treatment.

They can help you have a sweeter smile by fixing your dental conditions effectively. However, you must prepare enough money to pay the brace price Philippines.

The price of brace treatment in this country depends on several factors. They come from the patients themselves or outside-patient factors.

Factors That Affect the Price of Dental Price

The amount of dental brace treatment price that a patient must pay is different from the amount the others must pay.

Below are several factors that affect brace price Philippines.

1. Dental Condition

Dental conditions affect dental brace prices. Those with severely misaligned teeth must pay higher treatment costs because orthodontists must perform a complicated procedure to fix them.

Meanwhile, those with mild dental conditions can get a more affordable brace treatment.

2. Dentist Expertise

Experienced orthodontists generally charge higher treatment costs. Moreover, experienced dental clinic staffs also charge higher prices.

Therefore, you will pay more if you get braces from experienced orthodontists who work in a popular dental clinic.

Those who are really on a budget can get cheap braces in Philippines from orthodontists in training. You can find these orthodontists in dental schools.

3. Types of Teeth Braces

Dental braces are available in several types. Each of them costs differently.

You will get a higher dental treatment bill if your orthodontist decides to use expensive braces to fix your dental condition.

4. Additional Dental Services

In most cases, orthodontists cannot put on braces immediately on your teeth.

They need to perform additional treatments to ensure the success of your dental alignment treatment. 

These additional treatments will cost you more money. However, some clinics offer a dental brace package that includes those additional treatments. Therefore, you can get all the treatments at more affordable prices.

5. Dental Follow-Up Visits

Patients need to see their orthodontists regularly after they wear the braces.

In these follow-up visits, the dentists will check the progress, adjust the braces, and perform other examinations.

The longer you wear your braces, the more dental follow-up visits you must attend. Consequently, you need more money to pay for these visits.

How Long do Braces Take?

In mild cases, patients do not need to wear braces for a long period. They will likely see lots of progress on their teeth after wearing the braces for 12 to 24 months.

However, patients who have severely misaligned teeth will need to wear braces longer than that.

What is the Best Color for Braces

Below are things to consider when you are choosing the best brace color.

1. The Shade of Your Teeth

The best brace colors for you who have naturally white teeth are dark colors, e.g., navy blue, black, and dark purple.

Meanwhile, the right brace colors for those with yellow tint teeth are silver or clear.

2. Do You Like Attention?

Those who don’t like attention must avoid bold-colored brace bands. They should choose subtle colors, e.g., clear or white.

On the other hand, you can go for bold colored brace if you don’t mind people paying more attention to your dental brace.

3. Brace Colors to Avoid

You must avoid dark green and dark brown because they make you look as if you have food stuck in your teeth. 

Moreover, you must avoid white braces if you love drinking coffee, tea, and other staining foods and beverages. You must also avoid gold or yellow braces if you have yellow tint teeth.

Type & Teeth Brace Price List in Philippines

Below are brace types that you can choose and their estimated brace price Philippines.

1. Ceramic Brace Price

Ceramic Brace Price

Ceramic braces price in Philippines is higher than metal brace price. However, it is not the most expensive. The price of a single set of ceramic braces starts from ₱100,000.

2. Invisalign Brace Price

Invisalign Brace Price

The Invisalign brace is extremely expensive. Its estimated price ranges between ₱200,000 and ₱300,000.

However, Invisalign braces are comfortable to wear, removable, and effective.

3. Traditional Braces Price Rates

Traditional Braces Price Rates

Traditional braces are affordable for everyone. They cost at least ₱38,000 per set. Despite their affordable price, traditional braces are effective in aligning teeth.

4. Metal Braces Price

Metal Braces Price

Metal braces, such as Damon Braces, are almost similar to traditional ones. However, they are modern and more comfortable to wear.

The metal braces price in Philippines 2022 starts from ₱110,000.

5. Lingual Braces Price

Lingual Braces Price

Lingual braces are more difficult to attach and adjust because they are on the back side of the teeth. Consequently, it is slightly expensive. Lingual braces cost at least ₱90,000.

6. Brace Upper Teeth Only Cost

Brace Upper Teeth Only Cost

Some patients only need upper-teeth brace treatment. The cost of this treatment ranges between ₱28,000 and ₱200,000.

Hidden Costs of Dental Price

The brace price Philippines above doesn’t include hidden costs. Below are the hidden costs of dental brace treatments.

1. Preps for Metal Braces

Dentists will perform dental cleaning and X-ray examination before putting on the braces. The prep treatment costs around ₱2,000.

2. Monthly Adjustment Cost

Monthly adjustments or follow-up visits cost at least ₱1,200. The longer your wear your braes, the more money you spend on monthly adjustment costs.

3. Bracket Replacement Cost

Sometimes, a bracket of your metal brace falls off. Consequently, you need to ask the orthodontist to replace it or put it back.

Bracket replacement cost range from ₱110 (if you have the fallen bracket with you) to ₱500 if you lose the bracket.

4. Dental Filling Cost

Dentists must perform dental filling treatments on decayed teeth before they put on the braces. Dental filling costs ₱810/tooth.

5. Dental Fluoride Treatment Cost

Dentists will schedule dental fluoride treatment a couple of times a year. Each treatment costs at least ₱800.

6. Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Some patients need to get wisdom teeth extraction. This small surgery costs between ₱10,000 and ₱20,000.

Getting braces is not only uncomfortable, but it is also costly. The brace price Philippines starts from around ₱38,000.

This cost only covers the braces. It does not include several hidden costs, such as prep treatment, monthly adjustment, and dental filling costs.

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