Veneer Teeth Price Philippines

Veener teet price philippines start from ₱ 4,500 – ₱ 10,350 . Is a crucial part of this procedure and you can estimate it by determining the material used to correct the teeth and its dental veneer price. 

Who Need Veneer Teeth?

Veneer teeth price Philippines mainly depends on the chosen material but is worth having for certain people.

It adenotes a tooth-colored covering in a thin size that can correct imperfections on the smile and teeth.

Veneer can improve appearance because the dentist attaches and bonds it to the front teeth surface. 

People who need veneer usually want to change their smile appearance because they are unhappy with it, either they have a narrow or uneven smile.

People who want to change their teeth shape like when they get bunny teeth veneer. 

Otherwise, they want to change color and size due to chipped, broken, gapped, misaligned, worn-down, discolored, or smaller than the rest. 

Even some people do not care about how much are veneers because they want to get a good bone structure in the mouth or healthy gums with this treatment. 

Materials Used for Veneer Teeth Price List

To get the best veneer’s price ph, you need to know what veneer type to apply.

Here are three common types of dental veneers you can choose. 

1.Composite Veneers

Also popular as direct veneers, this type is quick because requiring less preparation and is done in a single visit.

This material is ideal for fixing discoloration, chipping, and minor misalignment. 

Composite veneers price Philippines is the most affordable among the options.

It can be a good choice for people who want to improve their teeth or smile appearance. 

2.Zirconia Veneers

Zirconia veneers are the strongest among the available types and are ideal for correcting chipped, stained, misaligned, or gapped teeth. 

It gives you both durable teeth and a beautifully white smile.

By paying certain zirconia veneers price Philippines, you will undergo several sessions from the preparation to the final fitting and checking.

3.Porcelain Laminate Veneers

Porcelain laminate veneers usually take a longer procedure than other types because you need to get it done within 2 or 3 visits. 

This type works best for chipped, crooked, stained, crowded, or gapped teeth. 

Porcelain veneers price Philippines is often higher because it is tough and durable so they can last for years. 

Types of Veneer Teeth Price List

To help you determine the best veneer type, you can see the comparison in the veneer teeth price Philippines table below.

NoVeneer TypePrice
1Composite veneersFrom ₱ 4,500
2Zirconia veneersFrom ₱ 10,350
3Porcelain veneers From ₱ 17,500
4Ceramic veneersFrom ₱ 10,360

How Much Veneer Teeth in Philippines?

The cost of veneers in the Philippines also depends on the number of teeth receiving the correction.

The more teeth to correct, the higher the price. You can have veneer for a tooth or even a full mouth. 

Veneer Cost per Tooth Philippines

If you get a veneer cost in the Philippines, you likely need to pay between ₱ 250 and ₱ 2,500 per tooth based on the chosen material. 

Porcelain veneers cost Philippines per tooth is often the highest. 

Full Mouth Veneers Cost Philippines

Veneer teeth price Philippines for a full mouth ranges from ₱ 8,000 to ₱ 25,000 based on the veneer type you select. 

Comparison of Teeth Prices from Different Dental Clinics

You can look at the following comparison of different dental clinics based on their average price to decide the best veneer teeth price Philippines. 

NoDental ClinicsAverage Price
1BrightSmile₱ 20,000
2Elevate Dental₱ 16,500
3Asian Sun Dental Clinic₱ 17,000
4One Nadela Dental Lounge₱ 12,000
5Cillo Smile Design Dental Center₱ 10,000

Hidden Cost of Veneer Teeth

Researching dental veneer price is essential to know whether the price is worth the quality.

There is no compromise when you consider the quality because durable veneers usually use top-notch material and modern and latest equipment in the procedure. 

Therefore, if you find affordable veneers teeth price Philippines, it does not mean you abandon the quality.

You should check it with the clinic or provide the treatment details. Hence, you know if this affordable option suits your teeth condition or not. 

Some teeth problems or injuries may receive cost coverage from the insurance.

However, if you get the veneer for cosmetic purposes, you are unlikely to get the cost coverage and need to pay the total veneer teeth price Philippines on your own.

So, you should prepare your budget before getting this cosmetic treatment. 

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