Dental Implant Price and Types Philippines

A dental implant is a popular option for people with missing teeth. However, many people face difficulties getting affordable dental implants if they live in countries with expensive dental care.

Fortunately, the dental implant price Philippines is quite reasonable.

That is why people are willing to do dental tourism abroad to get necessary dental without breaking their savings.

The Philippines is one of the best destinations offering quality dental care and budget-friendly cost for a tooth implant so you can put this country into consideration.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is inserting a tiny titanium post into the jaw through dental surgeries.

It replaces the root functions of the missing teeth. The titanium post requires healing and integration into the jawbone before the dentist continues the process.

Once the titanium post is ready, the dentist can fix the prosthetic tooth or implant a crown.

Dentists usually use a crown to substitute a missing tooth or an implant-supported bridge to cover several missing teeth. Meanwhile, they use an implant-supported complete denture to replace all missing teeth.

Dental Implant Types

A dental implant is available in several types. Of course, each type has a different dental implant price Philippines.

Among three popular types, endosteal is the most popular and safest option. Below are the three most common dental implant types.

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1.Endosteal implants

As the most popular option, the endosteal type is the most suitable option for patients. However, patients must have a healthy jawbone to support the inserted titanium post. The dentist inserts a screw-liked post into the jaw. 

Once the procedure is complete, the dentist suggests you wait until the post heals, and integrate it with the gum to provide a stronghold.

Then, he will add the artificial tooth to fit with the adjoining teeth. You can consider other types if you do not like dental implant painful feeling in the jaw.

2.Subperiosteal implants

Subperiosteal type is an alternative to endosteal because the tooth transplant stays above the bone yet still underneath the gum. The dentist will put a metal frame with an attached post under the gum.

The gum holds the frame as it heals so he can secure the artificial tooth to the pole protruding from the gum.

A subperiosteal type is a perfect option for patients with inadequate space for an implant on their jawbone or those who do not want to undergo intensive oral surgery.

3.Zygomatic implants

The zygomatic type is the least popular and most complicated procedure. Therefore, you can expect its dental implant price Philippines is the highest among the three.

It is another alternative if you do not have enough space in the jawbone because the dentist conducts the implant on the cheekbone.

Dental Implant Procedure

The procedure comprises multiple stages and healing times. It begins by removing the damaged tooth from the gum.

The dentist considers your comprehensive examination from 3D images or X-ray results. Then, he conducts jawbone preparation based on the exam.

The next step is placing the post or frame. After that, the dentist gives healing time and waits for the bone to grow.

After the gum heals, he will add a tooth abutment and finish the procedure by adding the artificial tooth.

Choose which dental implant is right for you

Some patients may experience complications while those three common dental implant types cannot fit their condition. The following techniques may be right for you:

1.Mini dental implants (MDIs)

MDIs are the ideal option for a very narrow space in your jawbone because it has a toothpick size. It aims to stabilize the lower denture. It is less innovative than other implant techniques so its dental implant price Philippines should be affordable. It is an option to consider if you have a small space in the jawbone.

2.All on 4 dental implants

All-on-4 is an alternative option to replace the whole top or bottom teeth. It requires bone grafting so the dentist does it on the available bone. Applying this technique requires you to follow a specific diet during the healing time.

How much the dental implants in Philippines

Known for its dental tourism, many people are wondering about magkano ang dental implant in this country. Thus, how much is tooth implant Philippines? Dental implant cost range from ₱ 10,000 to ₱ 100,000 with an average cost of around ₱75,000.

Risks Dental Implant

Dental implants have potential risks but they are rare and usually minors. Some potential risks are an infection in the implant area, and damage to the surrounding structures like nerves, blood vessels, and nearby teeth. It may cause sinus problems, especially if you get an upper front tooth dental implant.


Are dental implants safe?

Yes, they are safe and can be very successful when conducted by a qualified dentist.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants can last forever or at least 40 or 50 years as you have regular dental visits for appropriate care. Therefore, you must consider the aftercare cost aside from dental implant cost Philippines.

How long will the procedure last?

A single implant usually takes around one hour but screw in teeth with several implants requires more.

How do I take care of my dental implants?

Taking care of dental implants is similar to normal teeth because it requires regular brushing, flossing, and mouthwash.

Dental implant price Philippines should not be a problem because this country has affordable dental care. You can try a safe procedure in the Philippines if you are still wondering does dental implant hurt because many qualified dentists help solve your teeth problem.

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