Pasta Teeth Price

Having a tooth cavity can be annoying. Sometimes, this tooth causes you to suffer from severe pain.

Other times, foods get stuck in the cavity and create some discomfort. To relieve yourself from this condition, you need a pasta teeth procedure.

The pasta teeth price in philippines starts from around ₱1,800.

However, the pasta teeth price of this procedure depends on various factors, such as pasta teeth types and the size of the cavity.

If you plan to get this procedure, you must find out more about its price and everything about the procedure.

What is Pasta Teeth?

Pasta teeth or dental filling is a procedure of restoring a decaying tooth by filling the cavity with a filling material.

This procedure is almost similar to the root canal procedure. However, in the pasta teeth procedure, the cavity or hole does not reach the pulp or root canal.

The main purpose of the pasta teeth procedure is to repair minor decay or fractures on the teeth to protect the teeth from further damage.

This dental filling will prevent bacteria from entering the tooth and causing root canal infection.

Therefore, you will not experience toothache anymore.

The pasta teeth procedure is applicable for any tooth type and location. However, the molar pasta teeth price is more expensive than the pasta teeth in front price.

A dental filling can last for years.

Over time, your dental filling may get loose, decay, and even break.

You must get it replaced if you experience those symptoms. Letting your filling loose and decay can lead to canal root infection.

For prevention, you must visit your dentist every six months.

Pasta Teeth Indications

What are the pasta teeth indications?

  • Toothache
  • Tooth sensitivity to sweet foods and drinks, to particular temperatures, or to pressure
  • Fractured tooth
  • A hole in tooth 
  • Dark spot on the tooth

Pasta Teeth Contraindication

People with particular conditions may not be able to get a pasta teeth procedure. One of the conditions is a deep cavity.

A cavity that is too deep and reaches the pulp or root canal cannot get the dental filling procedure. 

In this condition, the pulp or canal is generally infected or decayed. Therefore, the dentist must perform a root canal procedure. See : root canal treatment price philippines

Type of Pasta Teeth

Dental filling material comes in two choices, i.e., temporary dental filling and permanent pasta teeth.

The former only lasts for days. In certain cases, dentists apply a temporary dental filling before applying the permanent one. They do it because they need to evaluate the tooth condition first. 

Meanwhile, the latter can last for many years. Below are dental filling types used in the teeth hole treatment.


Gold image

The gold dental filling is durable. It can withstand chewing forces well and does not corrode. However, it is extremely expensive. Gold pasta teeth price is ten times the amalgam price.

2.Amalgam (Silver Pasta Teeth)

Amalgam image

The silver filling is almost as durable and strong as the gold filling. Moreover, it is less expensive. However, some people are allergic to the mercury in silver. In addition, it is not aesthetic because the color of silver doesn’t match the tooth’s natural color.


Composite image

The composite dental filling is versatile because it is applicable for decay, broken, and chipped teeth. It also matches tooth color well and provides additional support for the teeth. Unfortunately, composite is more expensive than amalgam.


Ceramik image

Ceramic or porcelain dental fillings are as expensive as gold. They are durable and stain resistant.

5.Glass Ionomer

Glass image

Glass ionomer pasta teeth can prevent the teeth from further decay because it releases fluoride. The glass ionomer pasta teeth price is similar to the composite filling price.

How Much Pasta Teeth?

Magkano ang pasta sa ngipin? The teeth pasta price Philippines varies from one clinic to the others. Below is the estimated price list of pasta teeth in the Philippines.

Pasta Teeth ProcedurePrice
Composite Filling 1 surfacePasta teeth price ₱1,800
Composite Filling 2 surfacePasta teeth price ₱3,600
Composite Filling 3 surfacePasta teeth price ₱3,600
Light Cure Class 2Pasta teeth price ₱4,000
Light Cure Class 1, 3, 4, and 5Pasta teeth price ₱4,000
Space Closure Pasta teeth price ₱9,000
Porcelain Dental FillingStarts from ₱18,000

Note: The prices above do not include pre-examination cost, x-rays cost, and anesthetic cost.

Pasta Teeth Procedure

The cavity removal procedure is as follows:

  • The dentist anesthetizes the area around the affected tooth.
  • Next, he removes the decayed parts of the tooth.
  • After that, he cleans the affected tooth from bacteria and debris by applying a particular gel.
  • Next, the dentist fills the cavity with the chosen pasta teeth material.

Side Effects of Pasta Teeth

After getting a dental filling procedure, you will see a big difference in your tooth. When you compare pasta teeth before and after, you will not only notice a different look but also a different feeling. It is because this procedure may give you some side effects.

  • Tooth Sensitivity to Temperature: In some cases, patients will suffer from tooth sensitivity to temperature. The risk of having this side effect is higher if you have a metal-based filling.
  • Pain: Constant throbbing after a dental filling procedure usually occurs because of weak tooth tissue or an infected root canal. 
  • Pasta Teeth Allergy: Some patients are allergic to amalgam. Therefore, having amalgam pasta teeth will cause them to suffer from rashes or itchiness.

Contact your dentist if you suffer from tooth sensitivity or pain for more than two weeks.


Below are other facts you must know about dental filling procedures.

  • Can I Brush My Teeth After Pasta?

    Yes, you can brush your teeth after having a pasta teeth procedure. However, you must do it gently and carefully.

  • How Long Does Pasta in Teeth Last?

    Gold, ceramics, and amalgam can last for more than 15 years. Meanwhile, composite lasts for less than 10 years. Moreover, glass ionomer can only last for about 5 years.

Getting the pasta teeth procedure as soon as you have tooth decay symptoms can help you avoid a more painful toothache and tooth damage. This procedure is painless. Moreover, the pasta teeth price is also affordable, especially if you choose amalgam filling.

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