Cost of Tooth Implant in the Philippines

Cost of tooth implant in the Philippines strat from ₱20,000 – ₱75,000 can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the procedure

The cost of tooth implant in the Philippines is worth it because it eases the discomfort of losing teeth.

Here is more information about tooth implant before executing them.

Uses of Tooth Implants

  • Improving speech

Some people have trouble with their speech because of their teeth condition.

The cost of tooth implant in the Philippines is ideal to improve speech since it will get better if the teeth are healthy and well-placed.

  • Improving oral health

Oral health is something you should consider because it will affect other health in your body.

The tooth implant price is very affordable. In case you find the tooth should be removed, replacing it with a tooth implant is a good choice.

  • Avoid some infection

The tooth implant cost is also a cheap method to avoid some infections. The missing tooth can be terrible over time and it is the source of gathering bacteria.

Replacing an implanted tooth is a good method that you can do plus some extra treatment to maintain its health.

Benefits of Tooth Implants

  • Getting more confident

Losing one tooth can decrease your confidence, especially in public appearance.

The tooth implant is the solution to replace the missing tooth. You can be more confident while talking and smiling at other people.

  • More comfortable

The cost of tooth implant in the Philippines is lower than the comfort you lose because of missing teeth.

When the tooth is removed, you might feel weird while eating or even when you are doing nothing. With a tooth implant, your oral condition can be more comfortable.

  • Easier while eating

Losing teeth, especially molars, can be a big problem because it is hard to chew food and eat in general.

Decaying tooth invites bacteria because of the food and it will be painful while eating. Implant teeth price in Philippines is not as expensive as the discomfort while eating.

Types of Tooth Implants

1.Subperiosteal implant

Subperiosteal Implant 1 image

This implant is for patients who don’t have a sufficient bone. The implants will be below the gum but above the jaws.

It is not a big surgery but since the implant is big, the tooth implant price Philippines is quite expensive with this method.

2.Endosteal implant

Endosteal implant 1 image

This implant sits on the bone. Usually, this treatment is only for one tooth.

How much 1 tooth implant cost with this method? It will depend on the type of tooth that gets implanted.

Molars will have different prices with incisors.

What Are The Advantages of Tooth Implants

  • Long lasting

An implant is a good option because the quality is good for about 15-20 years ahead.

With good treatment by the dentist, the quality of the implant may be longer than expected.

  • Maintaining oral health

Oral issues can trigger more illness even though it is not always related to teeth.

It is important to have tooth implants if you have a missing tooth. The risk of illness can be prevented. Your bone and jaw structure can be better as well.

Cost of Tooth Implant in the Philippines

The cost of tooth implant in the Philippines has range according to the treatment and dental care that you visit. Here is the price list:

Type of ImplantPrice
Tooth implant₱75,000-100,000
Treatment after implant₱20,000-25,000

What Are The Services Tied to A Tooth Implant?

  • Placing implant

This is the main service and procedure for implanting a tooth. The cost of tooth implant in the Philippines will be different according to the total number of teeth in the implant.

This is the procedure where the dentist will cut the gum and start to implant the tooth in the bone.

  • Installing abutment

This is the procedure to connect the new tooth to the implant. Since this procedure is quite painful, the process might need a local anesthetic.

Side effects of Tooth Implant Surgery

  • Swelling gums

The swelling gum is a normal case and it occurs even after 48 hours. It is a temporary side effect, so it will get better after 48 hours.

As long as it is not painful, it is alright and you don’t have to take any medicines.

  • Minor bleeding

After the implant, you might experience minor bleeding for the next 24 hours.

It is also a normal case and you can let the cotton sit on the implant site. It is a discomforting experience, yet it will stop after a day. 

  • Bruised gums

You might find that you have bruised gums if you see the condition of the teeth.

Actually, this case is also normal and a side effect for days. The bruises will vanish in several days.

Make sure the cost of tooth implant in the Philippines covers this side effect to prevent a worse case.

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