Dentures Price in Philippines

Dentures price Philippines relies upon several factors like the denture type you choose. Dentures are available in different varieties with no solid price to address.

The price also varies from one dentist dentures to another.

Dentures pricing will matter if you discover the denture type that suits your need. Yet, you can expect that denture cost in the Philippines is quite affordable.

Before having dentures in Tagalog, you must know about the denture products and their prices.

What is dentures?

Dentures refer to partial or full removable teeth that usually come from different materials like metal, acrylic, or nylon. 

Removable dentures fit perfectly on the gums because they aim to substitute the missing teeth.

Type of Dentures

There are numerous denture types available. You need to know each of them because they affect the denture price Philippines you must pay.

1.Custom dentures

Custom dentures come from more expensive materials to create a more natural-looking smile. It is customizable to your oral structure for a natural look.

You can see the new denture even before they all finish.

2.Economy dentures

Economy dentures belong to the generic dentures so this type does not securely hold or sit comfortably in the gums.

It is a good option for the most affordable denture type but does not be surprised if it appears to be a bit fake.

3.Full dentures

Full dentures aim to substitute the entire tooth so they stay above the gums rather than inserted into the existing teeth. It takes around 8 to 12 weeks.

No wonder if full denture price Philippines is more expensive than dentures one tooth.

4.Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are a good option for people who need fast false teeth procedures.

The dentist performs it on the same day as the old teeth removal.

5.Implant dentures

Implant dentures replace the missing teeth using titanium posts inserted into the jawbone. It provides a solid foundation for artificial teeth. 

Denture price Philippines for the implant is moderately affordable because it is a popular option in the country.


Overdentures are removable artificial teeth that stay on top of the gums with dental implants securely supporting them.

Dentists can place it on the upper or lower jaw based on your denture needs.

7.Partial fixed dentures

Partial fixed dentures restore partially missing teeth by attaching the artificial teeth to dental implants or adjacent teeth. It prevents the nearby teeth from moving. It is comfortable and removable so you can take it off when it is unnecessary.

8.Permanent dentures

Permanent dentures are false teeth hooked to the jaw. It comes with a stable base to substitute missing teeth roots. It is another option for a removable type.

9.Snap-in dentures

Snap-in dentures provide good stability for dental implants and anchored false teeth.

Dentists often recommend patients choose this type if there are no teeth left but they have enough bone support to add the implant.

10.Upper dentures

Upper dentures aim to replace missing teeth in the upper jaw.

You can go with single-tooth dentures or several teeth dentures for your upper jaw.

Dentures material

Denture material also affects denture price Philippines.

It is a crucial consideration aside from the kinds of dentures. Below are three popular dentures material often used by dentists.

Denture Materials image

Porcelain dentures

Porcelain dentures are famous as a durable option to replace any missing teeth. It still looks good on long-term wear and is better than acrylic ones.

It is sturdy and can withstand chewing pressure and daily cleaning dentures like brushing.

Acrylic dentures

Acrylic dentures use plastic material to create artificial teeth. It is moldable so it becomes good dentures for molars or full teeth.

It is cost-effective so it can be a good option for you who need regular dentures changes.

Flexible dentures

Flexible dentures come from thermoplastic material or other stretchy materials like rubber. It is the most suitable for the elderly and enables the gums to appear. 

Rubber dentures are convenient, easy to clean, and provide a natural-looking smile.

Dentures price list

Denture price Philippines ranges from ₱ 2,000 to ₱ 50,000 according to the denture type applied.

Below is the denture price list of common denture types performed in the Philippines.

NoDenture typesPrice range
1Single tooth dentures₱ 5,000
2Full dentures₱ 10,000
3Partial dentures₱ 10,000
4Flexible dentures₱ 12,000 to ₱ 20,000
5Fixed denturesOver ₱ 50,000

You will not regret paying for denture price Philippines if you can choose the best type that fits your needs.

Go to the dentist and have a complete examination to assess your existing oral condition. It is beneficial to help you select the most suitable denture type.

Discussing with your dentist also enables you to make a better decision. You will get professional guidance from the beginning to the end of this dental treatment.


  1. How many hours a day should you wear your dentures?

    Generally, you can wear dentures for around six to eight hours per day. You must pay attention to before and after dentures wearing because your gums need rest, especially at night.

  2. What can I soak my dentures in overnight?

    Soaking the dentures overnight in a mild solution can keep them in shape and moist. It helps clean the dentures and prevent plaque buildup after all-day use.

  3. How many times a day should dentures be cleaned?

    Ask your dentist about the best way of cleaning dentures. Dentists usually recommend brushing dentures at least once daily to remove bacteria, plaque, and other food deposits.

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