TMJ Splint Cost Philippines

TMJ Splint Cost Philippines – TMJ dysfunction or jaw disorder often causes headaches, neck, migraines, and dizziness caused by a shift in the jaw that becomes out of alignment.

Apart from that, this problem is also a major factor in you feeling dizzy and having difficulty eating due to jaw dysfunction.

Symptoms that are often experienced by patients such as headaches and unable to move the jaw freely.

Now, you can fix this problem with the right medications and treatments to relieve pain and improve your jaw position.

TMJ Splint Types

The purpose of using a splint is to relieve pain and allow the jaw to move freely again.

There are several procedures that you must do before installing the splint. Here are several types of splints that you should know about:

1.Stabilization or Flat Plane Splint

Stabilization or Flat Plane Splint image

This type of splint can be used to cover all of the upper teeth and has a flat surface.

This flat surface serves to relax the jaw muscles and reduce tooth decay, thus minimizing your headache.

2.Anterior Bitplane

Anterior Bitplane image

This splint is fitted for the front six lower teeth.

The purpose of installing this splint is so that the front teeth do not come into contact with the back teeth and are usually only used at night.


NTI TSS image

This splint can be used on the upper front teeth to prevent teeth from grinding and the size of this splint is quite small.

4.Repositioning Splints

Repositioning Splints image

This type of splint is used for a fairly long time, which is six weeks.

This type of splint will correct the position of the jaw so that it is better and allows you to move more freely.

5.Over the counter splints

Over the counter splints image

This type of splint is easy to find in stores because it is made of plastic which softens when heated.

This splint can adjust the size of your teeth.

6.Sports Mouth Guards

Sports Mouth Guards image

This splint is specifically used for people who want to protect their teeth from injury during sports.

Usually, this type of splint is not recommended for TMJ patients, as its purpose is only to protect the teeth and not to correct jaw dysfunction.

How Much TMJ Splint Philippines

You can easily find clinics or hospitals in the Philippines that offer splinting services.

Dental splint price Philippines ranging from ₱ 16,000 to ₱ 25,000 depending on the quality of the splint material and the doctor’s procedure you choose.

However, for medical expenses for TMJ patients, doctors will usually adjust according to the patient’s condition.

You can set aside up to ₱ 50,000 for surgery, dental splints, or other treatments that speed recovery.

Discount Rates

The cost of treatment for TMJ patients is indeed quite expensive, moreover, TMJ surgery cost Philippines can reach ₱ 50,000.

However, you need to know the condition of the jaw and the best action the doctor will take. 

Don’t worry about the high cost, you can enjoy discounted treatments at several clinics and hospitals.

This discount can be used for persons with disabilities or senior citizens by showing an ID card.

However, you need to know in advance which clinics or hospitals provide discount facilities for certain patients. 

Hospital List with TMJ Splint in Philippines

There are several clinics and hospitals that you can go to for TMJ treatment. The following is a list of hospitals and clinics that offer TMJ patients with splints:

  • BioCare Dental Imaging Ents
  • Salazar-Carandang Dental Clinic
  • Landayan Dental Clinic
  • Clinica Dentista
  • Uptown Chiropractic Spinal Care
  • Radiant Smiles Dental

Prepare the funds that you have to spend to repair jaw dysfunction and make you more comfortable.

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