Teeth Whitening Price

Teeth whitening is an ideal solution for those who want a bright smile. No matter how much the teeth whitening price is, people will allocate their budget to get this dental treatment.

It works best for healthily unrestored teeth and gums.

Whitening teeth also help people whose teeth have yellow tones in their original condition or due to their daily habits. It enables them to be more confident with a brighter smile.

Yet, not everyone can undergo this procedure so you need to know who are eligible and what products are suitable.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process of lightening teeth color through bleaching.

Teeth whitening does not mean that you will make them super white. Instead, the dentist will use whitening teeth kit to lighten the current color into several brighter tones.

Reason to get teeth whitening

There are a variety of causes why teeth change in color. People may come with different reasons why they choose to whiten their teeth. 

  • Discoloration

Discoloration may happen on the teeth due to various factors like plaque, tartar, or other oral health issues. Teeth whitening can balance teeth discoloration so you can see more evenly lighter tooth shades.

  • Aging effect

Your teeth consist of a softer area in the outer shell with white color that we know as enamel. As you brush your teeth every day, the enamel layer will get worn out and thinner.

It causes discoloration or yellowish color on teeth.

Application of kit teeth whitening by the dentist can reduce the aging effect on teeth and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.

  • Smoking effect

Another reason why people whiten their teeth is due to their smoking habit. Smoking can damage the teeth and cause oral health problems like plaque build-up and bacteria growth.

Tobacco contains two chemicals called tar and nicotine that cause teeth discoloration.

Tar has a dark color. Nicotine is colorless but turns yellowish when exposed to oxygen.

Thus, it can leave a stain on the teeth. Spending specific teeth whitening price can reduce the discoloration of teeth due to smoking.

  • Diet choices

Diet choices containing tea, coffee, or wine can leave a stain on teeth for years which is unpleasant to see.

People get teeth whitening to counter the stains on their teeth from certain foods and keep a beautiful smile.

  • Self-confidence

Teeth whitening can improve self-confidence because a bright smile is part of an attractive appearance.

Those with stained or yellowish teeth might be less confident when meeting other people because it affects their appearance. It can return your bright smile and self-confidence.

Teeth whitening products

Some people like to go to the dentist for teeth whitening but others prefer using teeth whitening products at home.

Choosing teeth whitening products need to be careful. If a product gives an unsatisfactory lightening effect to your teeth, you can try other products with higher whitening levels.

It is essential to discuss with your dentist the right product to use.

Your dentist likely help choosing the best product with a suitable teeth whitening price that fits your teeth’ condition. Below are several teeth-whitening products you can consider.

Whitening Products image
  • Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste contains ingredients that can remove stains from teeth’ surface but do not include any bleach.

This toothpaste type also has hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening that can brighten teeth’ color. It can improve the teeth’ color to be one tone lighter.

You can ask the dentist to prescribe stronger whitening on the toothpaste because it enables you to turn the teeth three to eight tones lighter.

  • Whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips come in very thin layers. They are almost invisible but contain peroxide-based whitening gels for brightening the teeth surface.

Although you can apply the strips at home, you must follow the instructions on their packages.

You can see the initial result of the application of the whitening strip within a few days but the final results are most likely visible and stay for around four months.

  • Whitening rinses

Whitening rinses are the newest product among common teeth whitening products currently available.

Similar to mouthwashes that can minimize dental plaque and gum disease, whitening rinses also contain whitening ingredients like hydrogen peroxide to make the teeth lighter.

You only need to gargle using this product for around 60 seconds twice a day and see the result within 12 weeks. This teeth whitening price is affordable.

Is it good to whitening my teeth?

Teeth whitening is not dangerous but no matter what whitening treatments you use, there will be potential side effects.

Although does not negatively affect the teeth, teeth whitening can lead to sensitive gums or a burning feeling on the gums due to chemicals contained in teeth whitening products.

It can be worse if you previously have sensitive teeth. However, you can perform safe teeth whitening procedures by following the product instructions and dentist recommendations.

Teeth whitening price list

Teeth whitening price Philippines starts from ₱ 3,000 to ₱ 10,000. If you choose in-office treatment, you can expect the teeth whitening price range between ₱ 9,000 to ₱ 20,000 depending on the dentist.

Most people prefer to get their teeth whitened in-office because it provides better results although they need to spend more money.

If you whiten the teeth yourself at home using teeth whitening products, it can be more affordable.

How much teeth whitening price you spend depends on the whitening option you choose. You need to prepare more budget for dentist treatment.

Meanwhile, you can select a more-budget friendly option by applying teeth whitening products at home according to the instruction.

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