Root Canal Price per Canal

The most affordable root canal price is ₱4,200 per canal. Meanwhile, the most expensive is over ₱20,000. Several factors, such as tooth location and type, affect these prices.

Suffering from a toothache can be very painful and stressful. However, a simple visit to the dentist can solve this problem.

In many cases, dentists will give you a root canal treatment to relieve it. Affording this treatment will surely not be a problem for you because the root canal price is affordable.

What is root canal treatment? If you want to have a better understanding of this dental procedure and its price, you must check the information below.

What is Root Canal?

One of the most common culprits of toothache is irritated, infected, or inflamed root canals.

As you can see from the root canal pictures, the canals are deep in the tooth. Moreover, it contains nerve and pulp.

A crack, deep decay, chip in the tooth, or large filling will cause bacteria to reach the pulp and nerve. Therefore, they become infected, inflamed, or irritated. 

A dentist will fix this condition by performing a root canal treatment. A root canal treatment is a method done by dentists to repair a gravely decayed tooth. 

In other words, the dentist will not remove the decayed tooth to relieve your toothache, unless the tooth is too frail or too damaged to undergo this procedure. It is essential to get this treatment right away when you feel any root canal infection symptoms. 

You will likely suffer from a tooth abscess and a loose tooth if you don’t get the treatment right away. Don’t forget to research the root canal price before visiting the dentist.

When is a Root Canal Needed?

You will need a root canal treatment if you get these symptoms.

  • Swollen Gums: Pus may collect around an infected tooth. This condition may result in swollen and tender gums.
  • Pimple on the Gums: One of the symptoms that you need for a root canal procedure is developing a pimple on the gum that contains pus from the infected tooth.
  • Sensitivity to Cold and Heat: You must get your root canal checked if you experience lingering pain after drinking hot beverages or eating ice cream. 
  • Deep Pain That Does Not Go Away: You may suffer a root canal infection if you experience a deep pain in your tooth that seems like it will last forever. Therefore, you must get root canal treatment immediately.
  • Loose Tooth: A loose tooth usually shows that the pus of the infected pulp weakens the bone that supports the tooth. Therefore, you must get root canal treatment.

Does a Root Canal Hurt

Many people do not want to get a root canal procedure for two reasons. First, they think that the root canal price is not affordable. Second, they think that this treatment or recovery is painful.

However, root canal treatment and recovery are generally painless. Dentists will anesthetize the area around the affected tooth. Therefore, you will not experience any pain during the treatment.

How Much is Root Canal in the Philippines

The root canal price in the Philippines depends on many factors. Some of them are types and locations of the tooth and dentist expertise.

Therefore, the cost of molar root canal treatment will be more expensive than that of incisors root canal treatment.

It is because the molar has three root canals and dentists charge you per canal treatment cost. Below is the root canal cost list in this country.

Dental Treatment

Dental Clinic


Root Canal TreatmentDental World Manila₱16,000
Forest Dental Clinic (Imus)₱4,200 to ₱14,200
Tooth Friendly Dental Clinic (Davao City)₱6,800 to ₱11,800
Asian Sun Dental Clinic Manila₱6,800
Davaodent Healthcare Clinic (Davao City)₱5,100 to ₱20,100

What Happens During the Root Canal Process

How Much is Root Canal in the Philippines

Dentists will perform several steps in a root canal treatment. First, they will check the root canal condition by performing dental X-rays. Next, dentists anesthetize the gum and place a dental dam.

After that, dentists will make an opening on the tooth crown. Once they have access to the root canals, they will clean and disinfect them.

Therefore, the canals are free from bacteria and infected pulp and nerves. Next, they fill the canals and seal them.

How Long Does a Root Canal Take

Some dentists can perform root canal treatment in one appointment. After the treatment, they will ask you to attend a follow-up visit so they can ensure no re-infection occurs and perform another tooth restoration procedure, such as placing a new crown.

However, other dentists may not be able to do it in one appointment. In this case, they will put a temporary filler inside your tooth.

They will also ask you to meet them again so they can fill the canals and seal them.

Root Canal Complication

A complication may occur after the root canal treatment. The most common is a new root canal infection.

The cause of this new infection can be an undetected crack on the root and restoration problems that let bacteria enter the canal.

Recovering from Root Canal Treatment from Root Canal Treatment

You will experience numbness in your mouth for a couple of hours due to the anesthetic after the root canal treatment.

You can eat and drink after the numbness wears off. However, you must only eat soft foods for a couple of days. Moreover, you must not use the treated tooth to chew your food.

It is also important to avoid too hot or too cool food and beverages for a few days because your treated tooth will be more sensitive.

In addition, you may experience mild pain after the treatment. You can take over-the-counter medication to ease the pain.

The root canal price in the Philippines varies greatly from over ₱4,200 to over ₱20,000. Some clinics include X-rays and pre-examination costs at these prices, but others do not.

The cost of root canal treatment also depends on many things, such as tooth location, tooth type, and dentist expertise.

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