Keltican Price

Cover Keltican Price in Philippines

Keltican price is available in various options so you can find the difference between Keltican capsule price Mercury Drug to other pharmacies

Newborn Screening Test Price

Cover Newborn Screening Test Price in Philippines

The newborn screening test price in the Philippines starts from ₱550. This price is applicable for the basic newborn screening

Scoliosis Surgery Cost Philippines

Cover Scoliosis Surgery Cost in Philippines

The scoliosis surgery cost Philippines can reach ₱1,000,000. Due to this high cost, some patients need to seek financial assistance

Pulmonary Clearance Price Philippines

Cover Pulmonary Clearance Price in Philippines

The pulmonary clearance price Philippines starts from ₱2,500 in public hospitals. Meanwhile, the cost of this procedure in private hospitals

Mastectomy Cost Philippines

Cover Mastectomy Test Cost in Philippines

The most affordable mastectomy cost Philippines is about ₱50,000. The cost of mastectomy will be higher if the surgery is

Allergy Test Cost Philippines

Cover Allergy Test Cost in Philippines

The allergy test cost Philippines depends on the number of allergens being tested and the test type. The most affordable

Sperm Analysis Cost Philippines

Cover Sperm Analysis Cost in Philippines

The sperm analysis cost Philippines only starts from ₱140. Patients can have this test at public and private medical providers.

Blepharoplasty Cost Philippines

Cover Blepharoplasty Cost in Philippines

The blepharoplasty cost Philippines starts from ₱41,000. This cost depends on the eyelid condition and where the patients get this

VDRL Test Price

Cover VDRL Test Price in Philippines

VDRL test price in the Philippines is affordable. It starts from ₱120, but patients will pay more than that if

Botox Price Philippines

Cover Botox Price in Philippines

The Botox price Philippines depends on affected areas and other factors. It generally starts from ₱22,000 per session. The price