Inhaler Price and Types in Philippines

Inhaler price are available in various ranges because there are multiple inhaler products available in the market.

An inhaler is essential for people with difficulty breathing like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Using an inhaler can reduce those disease symptoms.

There are numerous inhaler types. They contain different medications and different ways of use. Therefore inhaler for asthma will be different from an inhaler for COPD.

It will be better for you to know about the inhaler and price so you can select the best one that fits the best with your health condition.

What is Inhaler?

An inhaler is a medical device that works by breathing. It has popular names like allergy spray, puffer, or pump. It allows the medicine to reach the lung.

The medication usually is in the form of a spray or mist.

Type of Inhaler

Inhaler likely comes in small size fits well in your pocket and are portable. There are several common inhaler types people use to help them breathe better.

Each is available in different inhaler price and ways of work. Here is the following list of inhalers you can easily discover and often recommend by the doctor.

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1.Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI)

MDI has a canister that allows you to activate the propellant and inhale the medication simultaneously by pressing it.

Medicine used for MDI usually comes in aerosol form. Several MDIs can automatically release the medication once you inhale using the device.

Some have built-in dose parts to inform the remaining dose in the device. The newer MDIs even come with wireless technology to count the dose and track how much they have consumed using the app on the device.

2.Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI)

DPI does not include any propellant so people can inhale the medicine directly using their inward breath to transfer it into the lungs. DPI usually uses medication in powder form. 

DPI requires forceful and fast inhaling to work so it is less suitable for older adults with breathing difficulty.

DPIs are available in various capabilities to hold the dose so you can select a device with a single dose or more. Of course, it will give you many inhaler price options.

3.Soft Mist Inhaler

Soft mist inhaler works similarly to DPIs because it does not come with propellant. However, it contains more particles and allows medications to enter the lungs slowly so people can take more. Even children can use it with a face mask or spacer inhaler.


A nebulizer is a device that comprises an air compressor, a container for medicine, and a tube to connect both parts. It turns medication into a fine mist. Patients inhale it through a mask or mouthpiece. It is suitable for infants or young patients who cannot use an inhaler.

5.Portable Oxygen Inhaler

A portable oxygen inhaler or POC is a device to deliver oxygen therapy with higher medication concentration compared to ambient air levels. It works similarly to an oxygen concentrator but comes in a smaller size. 

It helps people with lung disease or breathing difficulty to do daily activities. Aweld portable inhaler belongs to this type.

6.Steam Inhaler

The steam inhaler delivers steam from heated water through breathing. This device helps people to soothe and open the nasal passage because warm and moist heat can loosen mucus and reduce symptoms. It is suitable for people who catch a cold or have a sinus infection.

Inhaler Colors

Inhalers are available in various colors. Below are the common ones.

Inhaler Blue (reliever)

Inhaler blue helps people with asthma to get fast relief when the symptoms appear. It relaxes muscles in the air passage allowing asthma patients to breathe easier.

It functions as an immediate rescue when you undergo asthma symptoms. An asthalin inhaler is an example of a blue-colored inhaler.

Brown Inhaler (preventer)

Brown inhaler includes low-dose steroids and is not for all asthma patients. It reduces asthma symptoms and prevents further attacks.

Instead, it is likely for patients with frequent symptoms during daily activities.

Purple Inhaler (Seretide inhaler)

The purple inhaler reduces inflammation in the lungs and opens the air passage in people with asthma or COPD.

It combines corticosteroids and bronchodilators that can stop symptoms with daily use. 

Inhaler Price List in Philippines

Inhaler price depends on the type, medication used, and brand. Besides discussing with your doctor the right inhaler, you can decide which one to buy. Below is the list of inhaler prices in the Philippines.

1Budesonide inhaler₱ 1,459
2Berodual inhaler₱ 567
3Flucticasone inhaler₱ 283
4Foster inhaler₱ 1,499
5Poy Sian inhaler₱ 237
6Vicks inhaler₱ 100
7Ventolin inhaler₱ 471

How to Choose the Right Inhaler

Aside from the inhaler price, you must select the right inhaler. Find a balance between inhaler types that fit your needs and your ability to use the device properly with the appropriate medication.

It is necessary to discuss with your doctor and learn how to use various inhalers correctly so you can select the right one.

Inhaler Side Effects

Side effects that potentially appear after using an inhaler can be various. Each inhaler type may cause different side effects.

For instance, steroid inhalers can cause sore throat, cough, hoarse voice, or nosebleed.

Since inhalers are common treatments for asthma and other breathing problems, you must buy the right inhaler type.

Thus, you do not waste money by paying a high inhaler price for the wrong device. Visiting the doctor is the key before you buy one.

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