Keltican Price

Keltican price is available in various options so you can find the difference between Keltican capsule price Mercury Drug to other pharmacies but is often insignificant. 

Here more information about benefits, comparison price in difference drugstore and side effect of keltican

Keltican Benefits

Keltican price is considerably high which makes people search for its generic brand. Your doctor usually prescribes Keltican as a supplement for maintaining healthy nerves.

People who suffer from stroke, nerve degeneration, or other nerve-linked injuries also can take this product based on a doctor’s prescription. 

Taking products containing Keltican in research can reduce pain or the need for painkillers in people suffering from nerve damage.

Keltican containing vitamin B12 as its primary ingredient is essential to create and maintaining red blood cells and nerve system. 

It also helps the formation of DNA and cell basis. Those who lack vitamin B12 usually have anemia that can lead to nerve and brain damage.

Therefore, taking Keltican can help overcome this health condition. 

Your doctor may recommend Keltican Forte for specific health conditions. The Keltican Forte price can be different from the regular version. 

How Much Keltican in Philippines? 

This product price varies depending on where you buy it.

Some people might buy Keltican from hospital pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription and others purchase it in online drug stores.

Keltican price in the Philippines ranges from ₱ 30.00 to ₱ 31.00. However, you can find a slightly lower price for this supplement in several pharmacies or drug stores. 

  • Comparison Price of Keltican

To know more about the price of Keltican in the Philippines, you can consider the comparison table below showing how much the price of Keltican is available in the drug stores. Keltican capsule price mercury drug, for example, can be different from one drug store to another but is insignificant. 

NoDrugstore Price 
1Keltican price Watsons₱ 30.75
2Keltican price South Star Drug₱ 30
3Keltican price Mypharma₱ 30.50
4Keltican price Mercury Drug₱ 30.75
5Keltican price Mediclick₱ 29.89
7Keltican price Shopee₱ 31
8Keltican price Rose Pharmacy₱ 30

Finding Keltican in online pharmacies is easier because the limited distribution of this supplement often makes it out of stock in several drug stores.

You also can buy it in major pharmacies offline. 

  • Discount of Keltican

Senior citizen IDs are unlikely to cover the Keltican price. Moreover, numerous drug stores do not offer Keltican discounts for senior citizens because it is a supplement.

However, they can benefit from discounts and promos from several pharmacies when they buy at least 10 capsules. 

How Long Can I Take Keltican?

Doctors usually prescribe Keltican 1 capsule per day with a treatment duration of 20 days. Doctors can repeat the treatment if it is still necessary.

Knowing how long you take this treatment can help you determine how much Keltican price you need to pay.

Neurologists usually recommend you take this supplement if you have the nerve to recover. It is essential to consult with your doctor before taking this supplement and ask for the appropriate instructions to take this product. 

Along with this supplement, doctors may suggest you receive other therapies to improve overall health. 

Side Effects of Keltican

As a supplement containing vitamin B12, Keltican is likely safe for most people. Even it will likely be safe to take vitamin B12 in large doses.

Unlike most supplements, vitamin B12 is consumable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

However, there is a special precaution in taking this supplement for people with specific health conditions as follows:

1.Hereditary eye disease

People with a hereditary eye disease called Leber’s disease need to avoid consuming Keltican due to its vitamin B12. Consuming this supplement may cause a side effect of harming the optic nerve that can potentially cause blindness.

2.Post-surgical stent

Patients with after-surgical stent also should avoid taking a supplement with the combination of vitamin B12 like Keltican because it can narrow the blood vessel.

This condition, of course, can be dangerous because it can disturb blood circulation and slow recovery.

3.Abnormal red blood cells

Abnormal red blood cells or megaloblastic anemia usually requires vitamin B12 for treatment.

However, it may have serious side effects. Therefore, consultation and supervision with the health provider are highly necessary when attempting Keltican therapy for this condition.

4.A high number of red blood cells

In some cases, treatment involving Keltican or vitamin B12 can lead to the appearance of a high number of red blood cells or polycythemia vera symptoms.

Hence, you must consider these potential side effects aside from the Keltican price.

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