Pacemaker Cost Philippines

Cover Pacemaker Cost in Philippines

Pacemaker cost Philippines start from ₱ 101,000 – 210,000 is quite expensive although it comes in various price ranges so getting

Blood Chem Price

Cover Blood Chem Price in Philippines

How much do you think the blood chem price in the Philippines? The cost of blood chem start from ₱110-₱1800.

Laryngoscopy Price Philippines

Cover Laryngoscopy Price in Philippines

How much should you pay for a laryngoscopy in the Philippines? The cost of laryngoscopy start from ₱3,505 – ₱11,400.

ST Luke’s Price List Philippines

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Before looking for the latest ST Luke’s price list Philippines, it is crucial to know more about the medical center.

Treadmill Stress Test Price

Cover treadmill stress test Price in Philippines

Treadmill stress test price in philippines start from ₱1,200 – ₱32,700. The price can go high or low depens medical

Thyroid Surgery Cost Philippines

Cover Thyroid Surgery Cost in Philippines

How much does thyroid surgery cost Philippines? You know, the cost start from ₱23,200-₱44,500. The cost can go high or

Hair Transplant Philippines Cost

Cover Hair Transplant Cost in Philippines

How much does a hair transplant Philippines cost? You know the price strat from ₱55,000-₱500,000 . Its very expensive right

FibroScan Test Price

Cover FibroScan Test Price in Philippines

FibroScan Test Price start from ₱950 – ₱17,346 depending of type, hospital and packages. FibroScan Testing is a diagnostic device

Medical Certificate Price

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The medical certificate price is free to get, yet it should pass the requirements of the healthcare providers. Check how