Rotavirus Vaccine Price Philippines

Rotavirus is one of the viruses in the world that still exists now and attacks young children. This virus is dangerous for children since it makes them to have a fever, abdominal pain, vomiting issues, and diarrhea.

The rotavirus vaccine price is cheaper to prevent this case from spreading in the Philippines.

Even though the case has decreased significantly in the Philippines, children have to take this vaccine when they are still kids under 12 years old.

This illness because of virus is dangerous because it threatens their life.

What is the rotavirus vaccine? What kinds of possible side effects? When do the children take this vaccine to protect them from this virus?

Here is some quick information that you have to know about rotavirus and what diseases it brings to children. 

What is Rotavirus Vaccine

The rotavirus vaccine is a vaccine to fight against rotavirus and all diseases that it brings. The vaccine is special for children since this virus only attacks children, especially infants.

The vaccine is safe to prevent many symptoms of this virus illnesses such as vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

The rotavirus vaccine is recommended for all young children in the Philippines. It is not in the form of an injection but a drop vaccine.

The children will like this vaccine since the taste is not bitter at all. So far, there are two available vaccines to prevent rotavirus: Rotarix and RotaTeq.

Rota vaccine has many benefits for children. It is not only fighting against the rotavirus but also other serious diseases. It strengthens the immune of the children, so developing symptoms can be reduced significantly even though the virus is attacking them.

The children who take the rota vaccine will grow healthier when they enter school age. Some diseases might not affect their life because the antibodies have formed in their bodies. The rotavirus symptoms are no longer a threat to them. 

When to Take Rotavirus Vaccine

The baby should take the rotavirus vaccine when they are 15 weeks to take the first dose. The second dose should be taken anytime before they enter eight months old.

The vaccination is easy and doesn’t hurt them because it is a drop vaccination, not a shot.

Rotavirus Vaccine Schedule

The schedule of giving rotavirus vaccine to the children will depend on the type of vaccines they will get. If they have RotaTeq, and the schedule is two months, four months, and six months old. They will have one dose for each vaccination. Different vaccine will affect the rotavirus vaccine price.

For the Rotarix vaccine, the schedule of the Rotavirus vaccine Philippines is two months and four months.

The gap is at least two months after the first dose. The continuation should be before they hit eight months old. Find out the vaccine type at the professional healthcare you visit.

Rotavirus Vaccine Dose

  • Two-dose

The children will have two-dose of vaccines if they gave Rotariix RV1 vaccine. The vaccine should be before eight months old.

The best vaccine time is when they are eight weeks age. Another one is two months after the first dose.

  • Three-dose

The three-dose rotavirus vaccine age should be when the children are two months, four months, and eight months old. Each vaccine is only a drop for them.

The type of vaccine for three doses is RotaTeq RV5. Ask your professional healthcare about the type and doses.

Rotavirus Vaccine Price Philippines

The rotavirus vaccine price in the Philippines is cheap and some healthcare might give it for free. Rotavirus is dangerous for children in the Philippines, so the government makes it the program. Here is the price if you get it at some hospitals.

Places for VaccinePrice
Government hospital₱2000
Private hospital₱2500

Effectiveness of The Rotavirus Vaccine

The rotavirus vaccine has high effectiveness for children. Nine from ten children live comfortably without illnesses because of rotavirus. It is safe and the percentage of effectiveness reaches 94%. The possibility of children getting protected from other illnesses because of this vaccine is high.

Side Effects of Rotavirus Vaccine

  • Temporary diarrhea

If your children have diarrhea after getting the vaccine, you might have to watch them. Diarrhea might be temporary because of side effects. If it gets worse, you can visit the doctor to get some advice. Don’t give any medicine without consultation with professional healthcare.

  • Mild fever

A mild fever under 38 degrees Celcius is not a warning. The fever might be only for a day. Their temperature might raise a few hours after getting the Penta vaccine Philippines drop. They might feel uncomfortable and cry to show discomfort.


Is the Rotavirus Vaccine Safe?

The rotavirus vaccine is safe for kids and adults. There are no serious side effects even for babies. Before getting the vaccine, make sure you are in stable condition and consult with a doctor about your kids’ allergic issues. Any allergic issue is mostly mild and less dangerous.

Can the rotavirus vaccine be given after 6 months?

The first dose of the rotavirus vaccine is before fifteen weeks of age. All doses should be done before the baby turns eight months old. If you give them after six months, then it should be faster before they are eight months old.

Rotavirus vaccine price has been very affordable in the Philippines. The government hopes that all children in the country can take this vaccine when they are still babies. With the rotavirus vaccine, they can get better health and life. You can bring the children to professional healthcare to get this vaccine.

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