LaSota Vaccine Price Philippines

 The poultry farming industry always faces many issues, especially the diseases that attack their birds. One of them is Newcastle disease which is preventable by using the LaSota vaccine.

The LaSota vaccine price is affordable for farmers and available worldwide, including in the Philippines.

This disease is highly contagious and brings harm to the industry. The birds are dying in the blink of eyes and usually, it is in high-numbered.

It is the biggest worry and way more serious than the previous viruses such as H5N1 that was spreading about two decades ago.

How to prevent this disease spread all over the poultry industry? How to give LaSota vaccine to chicken and the side effects that may become a risk for the poultry? Read this further information below.

What is LaSota Vaccine?

  1. Definition

The NCD LaSota vaccine is a regimen that uses the LaSota strain. The strain is from the Newcastle disease virus that harms the poultry farming industry. The vaccine is vacuum-sealed and dried in the freeze since there are embryonated SPF eggs in it to fit the requirements for the chicken vaccine.

  1. Agents

The vaccine contains a fungistatic agent. It prevents the chicken to get fungal in their body. The fungistatic agent consists of streptomycin and penicillin. It is also an anti-bacterial agent to make chicken lives healthy.

  1. Safety

The vaccine has been approved by the USDA requirements. It is passing the tests of safety, strict potency, and purity. Thus, the vaccine is safe for all kinds of poultry categories. 

What is LaSota Vaccine Used For?

LaSota vaccine price is affordable for the farmers and used against Newcastle disease. If the area has been contaminated with this disease, the farmer should vaccinate their chicken as soon as possible. The spread of this virus is rapid and dangerous for the poultry industry.

However, the vaccine is only for chickens, not for birds in general. The vaccine of chicken is also not an obligation for the farmers. In the Philippines, many farmers only vaccinate when the disease is detected in the area. Actually, this disease can be prevention even before the virus widely spread.

LaSota Disease Symptoms

  1. Sneezing

Birds can sneeze and once they do it repeatedly, it might be a sign of Newcastle disease. See how other birds doing. If they have the same symptoms, the disease might have spread already in the same place. 

  1. Coughing

Besides sneezing, the chicken might have a bad cough. The level of coughing is severe like the humans who have influenza. If it happens to more than one chicken, vaccination is required as soon as possible. 

  1. Diarrhea

Check the quality of their manure. If you find out that their manure is watery and greenish, it is positive for Newcastle disease. It is the quality of diarrhea from this disease. They need vaccine for chicken to prevent other chicks get the same disease. 

  1. Dropping wings

You might see your chicken’s wings dropping. They cannot move it higher when they are moving. Dropping wings make them lazy to walk around as well. The chicken looks severe fatigue because of this. This is a big sign that the virus has attacked for days already. 

  1. Depression

Another symptom that might happen to the chicken is depression. The chicken looks passive and avoids eating and drinking. If it keeps happening, you can check other symptoms of Newcastle disease.

LaSota Vaccine Price Philippines

The B1B1 LaSota or LaSota vaccine price in the Philippines is affordable and you can get it from the vet. It is one of the government programs to create a safe environment in the poultry farming industry. Take a look at the list of prices here.

Brand of Lasota VaccinePrice
Medivac ND Lasota 500₱562
Medivac ND Lasota 200₱196
Medivac ND Lasota 50₱139

LaSota Vaccine How to Use

  1. As drinking water

The dosage can be as drinking water for the chicken. The water should be non-chlorinated, clean, and fresh. Then, how to mix LaSota vaccine in water? You can dissolve 1000 doses in 2.5 gallons of water or 9.5 liters. Stir the vaccine until it is dissolved in the water.

The water should be distributed fairly to the chicken. After that, don’t put the water under the sunlight because it will damage the quality of the watered vaccine. If the chicken has consumed the water, you can continue without water LaSota vaccine administration.

  1. As sprayer

You can give a sprayer vaccine as well for the chicken under 4 weeks as a preventive action against the disease. Mix the Newcastle disease vaccine with clean water, 1000 doses in 100 mL of water. After that, spray the vaccine under low pressure on the area of farming. 

LaSota Vaccine Side Effects

  1. Chicken

There are not any side effects for the chicken. As long as you use it properly as a precaution, the chicken will be alright. If you are not careful, the chicken might be resistant to the vaccine. It only increases the possibility of viruses attacking farming.

  1. Humans

It is possible that the farmers themselves get the side effects of the vaccine when they give it directly to the chicken. The vaccine may get you a mild headache, drowsiness, and hypotension. If you feel these side effects, you should stop doing any machinery. It is only for a while.

LaSota vaccine price in the Philippines is cheap for the farmers in the poultry farming industry. The usage is only a bottle for more than 500 doses.

It is a preventive action against Newcastle disease that usually attacks the chicken and creates a big loss for the farmer in many areas in the country.

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