ERIG Vaccine Price Philippines

Rabies is still shadowing our lives because this disease can affect the normality of humans after they are born.

One of the prevention steps that humans can do is getting HRIG or ERIG vaccine. ERIG vaccine price is way more affordable recently than a few decades ago. 

The anti-rabies movement has been spreading widely in the world since it can harm humans as well. The vaccine has become the greatest solution for this issue and the output is as good as expected.

The number of people and animals with rabies decrease significantly over the past few decades.

What is the importance of this vaccine? What are the side effects when you get one for yourself and when to give it to others?

Here is some information that you need to know about ERIG or HRIG vaccine, in general, to prevent yourself from rabies.

What is ERIG Vaccine?

ERIG vaccine is an anti-rabies that consists of immune globulin. The vaccine is not only for animals such as horses but also for humans since this illness attacks humans as well.

The vaccine is effective since it was found a few decades ago to prevent animals and humans from rabies. 

Protecting yourself from rabies is simple since it is only getting one ERIG injection dose for life. An unvaccinated person should at least get one when they are still a kid. The vaccine is from strains and the body will produce antibodies of its own.

The cases of rabies are high in some areas with mammals as their pets. The infection happens when the animals bite other animals and humans. After that, the virus is spreading and unstoppable. Since most animals carry rabies, the ERIG vaccine is vital to give as preventive action. 

When to Give ERIG Vaccine

It is important to know when to inject anti rabies. If you have been bitten by animals that carry rabies, then you have to have a single dose of vaccine, about 40 IU/kg seven days after. The infiltration of the vaccine should close the wound that has been cleaned. 

The possibility of getting rabies is less if you hurriedly get this vaccine before a week. The vaccine will try to neutralize the antibody it carries around the wound. You can go to the closest hospital or clinic around your place. The ERIG vaccine price is way affordable recently. 


  1. Animal

ERIG dose vaccine should be for animals in the mammal category. The vaccine dose is about 20 IU/kg. If the horse is 100 kg, means it will get about 2000 IU for a dose of ERIG anti rabies. The first dose can be for a life time but they can get another if there is a sign or symptom of rabies. 

  1. Adults

Adults have to get this vaccine at about 40 IU/kg. If they have a 50-kilogram weight, then they should have gotten about 2000 IU of vaccine dose. They can get the vaccine even though they don’t have mammal pets to prevent them from getting rabies from other people.

  1. Child

It is important that children also get a single dose of this vaccine. The dose should be at the same level as an adult, 40 IU/kg. The vaccine is safe when they are still babies. There is no risk of getting this vaccine. You can get them vaccinated after getting bitten by mammals with rabies as well.

How to Inject Anti Rabies

  1. Non-immunized individual

A non-immunized individual should have cleaned the wound with water and soap. This treatment can be done by themselves as long as they are careful. An iodine solution might be important if the wound is deep. The full dose is only by the administration in a deltoid area with 1.0 mL on days 0 ad 3. 

  1. Immunized individual

The case for immunized individuals is different since they have gotten the vaccine already before. So, they can cleanse their wound by themselves with soap and water. The RIG can be non-administered. The dose should be the same as the non-immunized, 1.0 mL in a deltoid area on day 0 and day 3.

How Long  ERIG Vaccine Last

ERIG computation vaccine lasts for a life time. You don’t have to worry that you will get the illness unless you are bitten by a mammal with rabies they carry. Even so, the possibility of getting rabies is small. You can get another vaccine to stay immunized.

ERIG Vaccine Price Phiippines

The ERIG vaccine price in the Philippines is affordable to make sure this illness won’t spread in the country. Check the list of the price below include anti rabies vaccine price mercury drug:

Places for ERIG VaccinePrice
Government hospital400
Private hospital1800
HRIG version4000

Side Effects of ERIG Vaccine

  1. The wound area

At the wound area, you might feel soreness and itch. Sometimes, the color of your skin around the wound is red. It is normal and will disappear after three days.

  1. General side-effect

There are general side effects of ERIG vaccine such as abdominal pain, dizziness, and headache. They are mild and you can take painkillers to relieve the side effects.


Foods to avoid after anti-rabies vaccination?

There is no particular food to avoid after taking anti-rabies vaccination. You only need to eat healthy food like usual. However, the doctor might tell you to avoid alcohol since it is not part of a healthy diet. Put milk and other dairy products on an additional menu.

Can I eat chicken after the anti-rabies vaccine?

Since there is no restriction, you can enjoy eating chicken after an anti-rabies vaccine. Make sure it’s well-cooked.
Since there is no restriction, you can enjoy eating chicken after an anti-rabies vaccine. Make sure it’s well-cooked.

The ERIG vaccine price in the Philippines is not expensive anymore. It is one of the government programs to prevent the widespread of this illness on animals and humans. You can get this vaccine which is good for adults, kids, and the mammal pet you have. 

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