Pneumococcal Vaccine Price Philippines

The pneumococcal vaccine is one of the vaccines in the world for everyone to get. This vaccine will be against the bacteria that cause pneumonia, Streptococcus.

Pneumococcal vaccine price Philippines is now more affordable because this vaccine should be for babies under 2 years old, so they can live healthily.

Getting a pneumococcal vaccine is easy and practical. Most hospitals and clinics in the Philippines provide this vaccine and you can get it anytime. You have to consult with the doctor about the schedule.

Before getting it for your babies of yourself, here is some legit information that you have to know about this vaccine.

What is Pneumococcal Vaccine

The pneumococcal vaccine is an anti-pneumonia injection. This vaccination is a must in many countries, including the Philippines.

This is a preventive action to fight against Streptococcus bacteria that leads people to suffer from lung disease. This vaccine has been available worldwide for adults and kids.

Pneumocoçal infection is serious and fatal. It is not only attacking the lungs but also the brain such as meningitis.

This vaccine is effective to protect the community with coverage of more than 70%. The side effects are mild such as swelling around the injection that will heal the next day.

Types of Pneumococcal Vaccines

1.PVC13 Vaccine

This pneumococcal conjugate vaccine will be against the infection because of pneumococcal. Usually, the infection is because of the contact person to person.

The vaccine is for infants and young children with four doses. The children can avoid serious illnesses such as blood infection, pneumonia, and meningitis.

2.PVC15 Vaccine

This vaccine is special because it is new and only for adults above 65 years old. This vaccine is safe for the elderly who never get a pneumococcal vaccine for adults before. The vaccine is against five types of pneumococcal bacteria. This pneumococcal vaccine price Philippines is cheaper.

3.PVC 20 Vaccine

This vaccine is for adults who have never received any pneumococcal vaccine before. One of the vaccines available is Prevnar 20. However, this vaccine is only for adults who don’t have any allergic reactions. They should consult with professional healthcare before vaccination. The side effect of this vaccine is mild.

Who Should Have The Pneumococcal Vaccine

  • Babies

Babies under 1-year-old should have this vaccine. They are vulnerable to bacteria. Consultation with professionals is required if they have a certain allergy.

  • Elderly

The elderly who have never had a pneumococcal vaccine should have this injection, especially if they are 65 years old and above. It gives them the strength to fight the bacteria.

  • Adults

If adults have had an injection when they were babies, but they work at the workplace with a high possibility of infection, they should have this vaccine again. They can come to the hospital and consult with the doctor about the dose.

Who Should Not Have The Pneumococcal Vaccine

  • People with severe allergic

People with severe allergies can skip this vaccine as long as they live in a healthy environment and have a healthy body. The vaccine might trigger their allergy, and the result is bad for them.

  • Certain age

People before 19 years old might not get PVC20, and those babies under two years old should not have PCV23. Not everyone should get this vaccine because the precaution involves age requirements.

Pneumococcal Vaccine Schedule

  • Babies

Babies under two years old should have four doses with a 2-3 month gap. Before they reach 24 months old, their doses should be full already.

  • Adults

Adults above 65 years old should get three doses of the flu and pneumococcal vaccine. After the first dose, they should get another five years later.

Pneumococcal Vaccine Dose

  • Babies

Babies will have four doses of pneumococcal vaccine for child before they reach two years old. The type of vaccine will depend on the availability at the clinics or hospitals. They continue the dose before six years old.

  • Adults

Adults will receive a shot with a different pneumococcal vaccine price Philippines than babies. People above 65 years old will get another shot after five years of the first dose.

Pneumococcal Vaccine Side Effects

  • Reaction to the shot

The reaction on the shot area is mild. You might find the shot is reddish after a few hours. Swelling might happen, but if it is worse, you can contact your doctor to get the best advice.

  • Headache

Headache is normal and might ruin your activity. After taking pfizer penumococcal vaccine, you should have some rest. Taking a painkiller to relieve your headache can be a good solution.

  • Fever

Fever is a possible side effect that everyone might experience because of this pneumococcal plysaccharide vaccine. You should rest for a while if you feel that the fever ruins your activity. Fever will only happen for a few hours.

Pneumococcal Vaccine Price List

The pneumococcal vaccine price Philippines depends on the availability of the area you get the injection. Here is the complete list.

Place to get vaccineVaccine price
Government hospital₱700-1200
Private hospital₱2000-5000


Effectiveness of the pneumococcal vaccine?

The effectiveness of this vaccine is the same as another vaccine. It is in the range of 60-70%. This is why the pneumococcal vaccine is very important for everyone.

Pneumococcal vaccine, how long does it last?

The period of effectiveness will depend on the underlying problem of each person. People above 65 years old only need one forever. People with high vulnerability might need it once every 5 years. However, one vaccination for life is enough already.

Pneumococcal vaccine price Philippines is cheap because this vaccine is part of a program from the government to reduce pneumonia cases in the country. Not only pneumonia, but this vaccine is also important to fight many diseases that threaten humans such as sinus and meningitis.

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