Parvovirus Vaccine Price Philippines

Puppies have high vulnerabilities to getting sick. They are still weak and disallowed to stroll around unless they have gotten the parvovirus vaccine.

Parvovirus vaccine price Philippines is affordable for dog owners, therefore they don’t have any reasons to not vaccinate their puppies.

The environment and lifestyles of the dog owners might get them some health troubles. If you let them live without this vaccine, they will easily get sick because of the environment.

Parvovirus easily attacks puppies, and this illness brings them to death before they reach adult age.

Since the importance of this vaccine is very high, you have to know information about the parvovirus vaccine. What is this vaccine, how much is the cost, and how to set the schedule of vaccination for the puppies?

Read the article below to get more information about parvovirus vaccine price Philippines and others.

What Is The Parvovirus Vaccine?

The parvovirus vaccine is a vital vaccination for dogs. The injection itself is a combination between DHPP and DA2PP.

The dog owners can visit the vet to get their puppies an injection before they can walk the puppies around since it is dangerous for them.

The purpose of giving this vaccine is to protect dogs or puppies from several diseases that might attack them after strolling around.

The parvo disease itself is dangerous and attacks the puppies such as hepatitis type-2, parainfluenza, and parvovirus. Canine distemper can be prevented as well.

The vaccination is a must when the dogs are still a few weeks after being born. Puppies have high vulnerabilities to getting some severe illnesses such as fever, losing appetite, vomiting, and fever.

The parvovirus vaccine will be against them. You can only get this vaccine from a veterinarian.

Should All Dogs Get the Parvovirus Vaccine?

Yes. All dogs when they are still in the puppy stage should get the parvovirus vaccine. It is vital for their well-being.

You can’t let them experience many sicknesses from time to time after they are strolling around. The environment and lifestyle might bring harm to their health.

Puppies who live in different environments or situations should get this vaccine once in their life. If they are sick, you have to ensure they are stable first before getting them an injection.

Once they recover, they can get an injection of the parvovirus vaccine. The vets provide parvovirus vaccine price Philippines which is affordable.

Parvovirus Symptoms

  • Loss of Appetite

It’s dangerous when your puppy loses appetite. They will lack the nutrition they need. You can check their eating habits for the past few days. It can be that the food doesn’t suit their preference if you feed them the new one. However, if they keep refusing all food, it’s a sign that they are sick.

  • Diarrhea

It is easy to notice if your puppy has diarrhea. Their feces is different than they should be and it is watery. The frequency is also too often for a normal puppy. So, you can examine and make a schedule of how many times they poop. If you find out they have diarrhea, get some help fast.

  • Abnormal body temperature

Another sign that your puppy has the symptoms of parvovirus is abnormal body temperature. It can be higher like feverish or low body temperature. You can check the range of their body temperature. Usually, they are less active when they have abnormal temperatures.

  • Vomiting

Another sign that they have a severe illness is vomiting. They might eat their food, but after that, they vomit all of them. If they do this often in a day, they might have parvovirus and should get a vaccine as soon as possible.

Parvovirus Vaccine Schedule

  • Schedule for Puppies

Puppies must get their first dose of the parvovirus vaccine at the age of 6 weeks or 8 weeks. You have to bring them to the vet to get the vaccine. After that, they should have other vaccines every two weeks until they reach 16 weeks. The dose might be different according to the breed and environment.

  • Schedule for Adult Dogs

Dogs should get a single dose of vaccine a year after the last dose they got when they were still puppies. After that, the parvovirus vaccine should be a regular vaccine once every three years. It will give them assurance that they will grow and develop healthily in their life.

Parvovirus Vaccine Cost

The parvovirus vaccine price Philippines may be different according to the vet and availability. Some vets may give further examination which makes the fee increase. Take a look at some prices below in the Philippines:

Vaccine typesPrice
Parvovirus vaccine 5 in 1₱400
Parvo test and single vaccine₱500
Parvovirus mix breed vaccine₱600

How Long After the Parvo Vaccine Is a Dog Protected?

The period of a dog getting protected from vaccine for parvovirus is a maximum of 3 years.

This is why an adult dog should have another parvovirus vaccine three years after the last one.

For puppy cases, they should get the vaccine at 6-8 weeks of age because they are not well-protected enough in the environment.

Can a Vaccinated Dog Still Get a Parvo?

The possibility of a dog getting a parvo is very minimum, close to zero. After being vaccinated, they are well-protected.

Parvovirus can get rid because of canine distemper adenovirus type 2 parainfluenza parvovirus vaccine with a proper and scheduled vaccination.

Puppies are vulnerable when it comes to severe illness.

The parvovirus vaccine price Philippines is more affordable now and you can get it from a professional vet in your area.

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