Flu Vaccine Price

Influenza or flu is a contagious respiratory disease that occurs when influenza A or B viruses attack the body. Though it isn’t a severe illness, physicians may recommend you to have a vaccine to avoid serious conditions. The good news, the flu vaccine price is relatively affordable.

What is a flu vaccine and what are the benefits? Is it effective to get a flu vaccine every year? What types are available on the market? Get to know more about the flu vaccine before you have a dose of it. Find the answers below.

What is Flu Vaccine?

Influenza vaccines are a vaccine that helps protect against four types of influenza viruses that commonly appear in circulation. Often referred to as flu shots, it is the best way to prevent serious complications from flu, especially among people at high risk.

The CDC recommends annual vaccination for people aged 6 months and older due to influenza viruses evolve rapidly. Early winter or autumn is the best time to get a flu vaccine every year because flu commonly starts spreading after these seasons.

Extensive ranges of flu vaccine brand are available to choose from, leading to price diversification in the market. Having that said, the flu vaccine price is generally not steep.

Flu Vaccine Benefits

Flu shots offer many benefits, including:

  • Reduce your likelihood of getting influenza
  • Lessen the severity of symptoms
  • Reduce the chance of serious complications
  • Protect high-risk people such as pregnant women and the elderly
  • Achieve herd immunity to protect people who cannot have a vaccine by limiting the number of cases
  • Protect pregnant people and their infants from flu

Flu Vaccine Effectiveness

Flu vaccines offer ultimate protection against flu although it is not 100 percent effective. According to the CDC, the effectiveness of typical flu shot ranges from 19 percent to 60 percent in preventing occurrence. With flu viruses evolving rapidly, an annual vaccine helps increase your protection.

Types of Flu Vaccine

A wide selection of anti-flu vaccine is rolled out to the market. Take a closer look at the types of flu vaccines below.

1. Flu Shot

Flu Shot image

Researchers grow influenza viruses in eggs to create standard flu shots. This type of flu vaccine is known in several brands, including Afluria Quadrivalent, Fluzone Quadrivalent, and Fluarix Quadrivalent. These brands set different flu vaccine price for their products. 

2. Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine

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Experts develop quadrivalent flu vaccines to protect against four types of flu viruses, including influenza A and influenza B. This type of flu vaccine is used for the 2022 – 2023 season. Vaxigrip flu vaccine is one of the popular brands of quadrivalent vaccines.

3. High Dose Flu Vaccine

High Dose Vaccine image

This is an egg-based influenza vaccine recommended for the elderly. It contains four times more antigen than standard-dose flu vaccines, creating a better immune response for people over 65 years.

4. Flu Vaccination by Jet Injector

Injector image

Afluria Quadrivalent is a type of flu vaccination with a jet injector. It is a medical device that uses high pressure instead of a needle to get the vaccine into your body. This flu shot protects against four types of influenza viruses.

5. Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine

Nasaal image

This flu vaccine uses weakened live flu viruses. People 2 years to 49 years can use this type of flu vaccine. But if you are looking for a flu vaccine for pregnant or for people with a medical condition then nasal spray is not a choice.

6. Adjuvanted Flu Vaccine

Adjuvanted image

The adjuvanted flu vaccine is designed for the elderly. Researchers make this vaccine with an adjuvant which helps boost immune response.

7. Cell-Based Flu Vaccines

Researchers grow the virus in cell culture to create this cell-based flu vaccine. This means cell-based flu vaccine is completely egg-free. It is ideal for people 6 months and older.

8. Recombinant Flu Vaccine

recombination image

This is an egg-free flu shot that uses recombinant technology. This vaccine is approved for people 18 years and older. It contains three times more antigens than the standard dose, which creates a better immune response.

Flu Vaccine Price List

The Flu vaccine price Philippines ranges from Php 699 to Php 1,499 depending on the type of vaccine and manufacturer. Some hospitals provide different packages so you can choose one that meets your needs and budget.

Here’s the list of the latest flu vaccine price in the Philippines. Price may vary depending on the pharmacies or hospitals where you get it.

BrandManufacturerApproved forPrice per Dose (Php)
Fluzone QuadrivalentSanofi Pasteur6 months and older1,040
Fluarix QuadrivalentGlaxoSmithKline6 months and older1,099
FluLaval QuadrivalentGlaxoSmithKline6 months and older1,099
Flucelvax QuadrivalentSeqirus USA, Inc6 months and older1,600
Afluria QuadrivalentSeqirus USA, Inc36 months and older1,157
Afluria QuadrivalentSeqirus USA, Inc6 months and older1,070
FluMist QuadrivalentAstraZeneca2 years to 49 years1,328

Flu Vaccine Side Effects

Most flu vaccines such as flu vaccine Sanofi and GSK are completely safe. Side effects are mostly mild and last for a day, including:

  • Muscle aches
  • Slightly raised temperature
  • Sore arm
  • Redness and swelling where the injection went in
  • Fatigue

In extremely rare case, a serious allergic reaction may appear after an individual gets a flu vaccine. The severe allergic reactions may include hoarseness, breathing problems, weakness, paleness, fast heartbeat, and dizziness.

All in all, the anti flu vaccine is available in different types and brands. Most flu vaccines in the 2022-2023 seasons are quadrivalent, providing more protection than the trivalent flu vaccine that protects against 3 types of influenza viruses. Flu vaccine price is diverse based on their manufacturer and type.

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